Three reasons for love
Three reasons for love

Women love the worthy, and this is a fact. What are the top three reasons every woman has to love? Feminine thinking in choosing the ideal life partner.

Love is blind. Nonsense. Sleeping with an immoral goat is anything but love. Passion, despair, something else. Not love.

They love the worthy, and this is a fact. Name three aspects of your love for your partner.

Here are mine:

1) Financial independence

This does not mean that he has to have a yacht, it means that the question of finance is not and will not arise. No need to think about what to buy a new car, fly to a resort, where to live and what to eat. All this exists not only at the level, but the situation will not change in the future.

2) Mental ability

Next to him, I should feel like a complete fool. However, not only me, but everyone around me.

3) Demand

Everyone should want it. Men as a friend, women as a husband, old people as a son, and children as a father. In general, it should be the best.

If I were a man, I probably would have noted the following points:

1) Appearance.

2) Ability not to shit.

3) Sex.

Now you.

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Three reasons for love
Three reasons for love

Women's opinion:

bash_kirka: intelligence, kind, adequate disposition, feeling like a leader in life.

pusetta: in a man, what is important for me is the absence of slavish thinking and the willingness to be content with little. when the ultimate dream is to arrange your ass in the office for a salary of 100-200 thousand.

kat_vasiljeva: First of all, the mind, then the financial independence and the desire to constantly develop, and not freeze in the same place, like everything suits me and okay.

aya777: A man has: fortitude and real male health, a lively and practical mind, financial independence, coupled with generosity (in relation to his loved ones and his woman), independence in everything.

i_without_face: Nobility, hard work, intelligence

Olga Mishina: anti-egoist, always gets his way, gallant to the level of antiques

your_opium: 1) Mind. I include a lot here, but in a nutshell: I must look and understand that I have to grow and grow before him. I should like everything: what he says, how he jokes, how he looks at life, how he talks about others, what he enjoys. 2) Sex. 3) Demand. He must be respected in his midst.

1924vom: Intelligence, character, appearance.

marinarakis: 1) calm but firm character 2) loves his job, good specialist 3) sense of humor

w_rinka: 1) appearance 2) the ability to win over people 3) it is not boring with him … the question will still be resolved with finances, and this will be an ideal man.

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liubov_vilt 1) Mind. It is desirable that it be a person with a technical mindset. 2) Perspective. The guy must be business-minded, ambitious. Perspective does not mean rich initially, but with prerequisites for this. 3) Ability not to shit))) I appreciate it in a man. I hate talkers.

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