28 super phrases
28 super phrases

Happiness, luck and experience comes with lived years and mistakes. But you can speed up their receipt. The experience that I have collected over the years to make people's lives better.

Dear readers, let me today give you my experience, which I have collected for many years, to make people's lives better. Please accept my 28 phrases. Perhaps my treasures will be useful to you.

28 super phrases from Mark Ifraimov.

1. Mom is family and relationships, connections. Dad is strength, protection and money. Do you want it all? Free yourself from all claims to mom and dad, and you will definitely get everything you want.

2. Pride stands on pride, pride on insignificance, and insignificance on self-pity.

3. People so want spiritual closeness that they are even ready for … sex.

4. Cold look - resentment towards the mother. Disappointment in her leads to self-disappointment, followed by loneliness.

5. Who cannot ask … she works herself!

6. A man shows a woman her importance simply by his silent presence next to her.

7. Man and woman serve each other. Man's Service to a woman consists in showing a woman what she STILL does not want to know about herself. Women's Service is to reflect to him what he has ALREADY achieved.

What is the essence of love? Each has its own romance
What is the essence of love? Each has its own romance

8. A woman always expects from a man what her dad could not give her.

9. A man dreams of turning his woman into a Queen, and a woman dreams of a ready-made King.

28 super phrases
28 super phrases

10. Anyone who wants to be accepted the way I am, just wants security

11. A woman, in order to become desirable and necessary, must refuse to be needed. Then it will become a luxury, like a diamond, which is absolutely useless, but no one ever wants to part with it.

12. A man, in order to succeed, needs to develop feminine qualities: intuition and acceptance of feedback from others.

13. A woman is feelings. Feeling cannot be convinced. He can only be reassured.

14. People value not what they take, but what they give. Therefore, by accepting even the smallest, we kindle their love for us.

15. Man lives in metaphor. Allowing another person to manifest in our presence his metaphor, myth, imagination, fantasy, delirium, he begins to feel free and therefore seeks our society again and again.

16. A woman for whom money is more important than love is disappointed in her father. She is looking for his love. Not resigned to the loss of his love, she replaces this loss with money.

17. To hunt game well, you must yourself become a tasty bait.

18. Faith is the main criterion for distinguishing Love from Pity. If you believe in a person's success, then you love him. If not, then you feel sorry for him.

How to properly care for a girl
How to properly care for a girl

19. Feminine - one who is ready to co-create.

20. To recognize someone else's importance is hindered by your own. And self-importance breeds self-pity.

21. To move to the next level, you need to feel grateful for the previous experience.

22. The perfectionist hides his powerlessness behind the desire for the ideal.

23. To become rich, you need to have a desire to prove to your father that you are no worse than him. To keep money, you need to get out of protest to your father and accept it in your heart.

24. A man who is unfaithful to his wife is looking for the love of his mother in other women. As a child, he saw her disappointment, and now he wants to satisfy her through other women.

25. Abortion results in the separation of the parents of the unborn child. Life tells them: "If you cannot continue with me, you should not be together …".

26. A woman who, for the sake of the approval of a man and the desire to please him, suppresses her negative feelings, is doomed to become unnecessary to him. A man needs a woman's feelings, whether they are positive or negative. Feelings for a man are the fuel that propels him towards the goal. The main thing is that the fuel is real: alive and sincere.

28 super phrases
28 super phrases

27. Girls are inherently masculine and boys are feminine. The masculinity of a woman is manifested in motherhood, and the femininity of a man is manifested in doubts on the way to his goals. A woman needs to accomplish a feat in order to give up motherhood in relation to a man and begin to totally trust him. A man needs a feat to turn on his masculinity and take responsibility for others.

How to work on relationships? Without a job, relationships will fall apart
How to work on relationships? Without a job, relationships will fall apart

28. Feminine power is the power of acceptance. The one who can accept what is happening without protest always attracts people, because most of all people crave approval and fear condemnation. Only a self-sufficient woman with tremendous inner strength is capable of accepting, trusting and believing in those who are near.

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