That a man and a woman do not know about each other?
That a man and a woman do not know about each other?

Are you bad at the opposite sex, feelings, love, sex and relationships? Secrets that a man and a woman should know about each other.

Today I offer material that, upon a deeper reading, will help the reader understand why he / she was next to a partner and what to do with those feelings that are now emanating on a beloved (or no longer very beloved).

0. A man and a woman develop a feeling of love for each other when their invisible ancestors bring them together to solve their unresolved issues

Secret number zero. I assigned this number to her because I know from experience how unpleasant it is for people to hear that their choice of a loved one is not theirs at all. Only when the relationship is broken are people ready to accept: “Yes, it was all my ancestors who slipped me such a walking torment. I just don’t understand why!”

I'll try to briefly explain why the ancestors need this trick with your choice.

At the very beginning of a relationship, a man and a woman are nice and welcoming to each other. A certain spiritual sympathy arises between them, I emphasize the spiritual one. Both are united by the desire to show their best sides.

For what? As they used to say in the old days, to show the product with your face. We all understand this, but after a while, when the packaging is opened, it turns out that the product is not so good, and instead of sympathy, now there is rejection …

Where does love go and why do claims arise? Claims are always based on unmet needs. A need is a need for something, a need. About Maslow's pyramid, I think you know. It starts with the basic physical and ends with the need for self-realization.

Needs that lovers cannot satisfy for each other are peeped-out experiences from their parental families. As parents, for example, needed love, attention, respect, so their children (our lovers) need the same.

Why do I need a girl
Why do I need a girl
Any dissatisfaction in a relationship arises from the fact that one of the parties receives less attention from a partner.

Relationships may seem to be breaking down because of a complex nature, bad habits, or lewd behavior from one or both partners, but if partners give attention to each other, these reasons cannot lead to a breakup.

But when one partner stops giving attention to the other, then a battle begins in which there is a place for all negative feelings.

A man and a woman operate with attention differently. The idea was taken from Yuri Subordin:

There are actually two attentions. The feminine form of attention, when a person fully listens to the interlocutor, i.e. without resistance perceives the image transmitted to him by the interlocutor, and the male form of attention is involvement in some process. In this case, the person is fully involved and not distracted by anything else.

A man longs for a woman to fully listen to him, opening her mouth and agreeing with all his arguments. I accepted his information unconditionally. In other words, she showed a feminine form of attention to him. This is how a man expects a woman to be always ready to have sex with him.

Can't forget my ex-girlfriend
Can't forget my ex-girlfriend
When a relationship is broken, the bond remains and causes suffering for one side and pumping energy for the other. While the connection exists, the partners alternately change the direction of the movement of energy along this channel. Consequently, now one, now the second feels better or worse than the partner.
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After all, she loves with her ears. Therefore, a man should be able to love with his voice, taking care of his intonations.

Strong Man, King - one who can understand the feelings of a woman. Feelings are not words. They are like leaves in the wind. They tremble from the strong wind.

An ordinary man does not even assume that his words and intonations are the wind that can scare a woman. A woman can be so scared that she will hide and deny the man Attention.

And without her Attention, he stops growing in status.

Therefore, the King knows that the softer his voice, the faster his success.

The king gives warmth. The King is the Sun man, and the Queen is the flower enjoying the Sun and the gentle breeze that comes from his lips!

The flower petals exude aroma and carry a song of love around the world: "The man of my dreams is a man like you!"

P. S. There is nothing in the world but love, and man and woman are her prophets.

Author - Mark Ifraimov

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