The happiest and most unhappy professions
The happiest and most unhappy professions

Sociological research on job satisfaction has shown unexpected results. What profession will make you happy?

Recent studies by British and American sociologists on job satisfaction have shown unexpected results. It turned out that material remuneration still plays an important role, but the highest paid professionals are by no means the happiest and most satisfied people. So what profession will make you happy?

The Guardian recently published top 10 most satisfying professionscompiled by the British organization Legatum Institute.

In the first place were representatives of the clergy: with an average annual income of about 20.6 thousand pounds (34.1 thousand dollars), the level of their satisfaction reaches 8, 291. In second place are top managers and high-ranking officials. This is followed by managers and owners of agricultural and crop enterprises, corporate secretaries, quality management and technical regulation specialists, health managers, medical practitioners, farmers, managers and hotel owners. The top ten is rounded out by qualified metalworkers, electricians and electronics engineers.

The most miserable are pub owners and employees of places where the sale of alcohol is allowed. They occupy the final 274th line of the rating.

“Although there is a link between salary and life satisfaction, representatives of a number of highly paid professions do not feel well and vice versa. So, despite an average annual income of 39 thousand pounds (64, 7 thousand dollars), cost estimating engineers fell into only a pitiful 41st line out of 274, - comments on the results of this study by the BBC - In turn, farmers receive an average of 24 £ 5k (about $ 40,700) a year, but they feel much more satisfied in 8th place. Outdoor work seems to be associated with higher levels of personal well-being."

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turned out to be a database administrator. “According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this job is fairly well paid and the demand for specialists is growing. The bureau predicts that from 2012 to 2022, the growth in this area will be 15%. The profession is gaining popularity as technology has become critical to how businesses operate, Golledge said. Because of the important role that database administrators play in organizations, they can be a key success factor,”writes Forbes. The administrators gave particular high marks to the quality of their daily tasks and how they were monitored.

In second place are the technical control engineers who test and control the operation of the software. They especially value their work environment. In third place are headhunters - specialists in the selection of executive personnel.

The remaining "happy" positions are occupied by the following professions: 4) insurer, 5) manager's assistant, 6) software developer, 7) designer, 8) project manager / manager, 9) engineer, 10) administrative assistant.

“No wonder that on the list of the most unhappy workers the guards are in the lead. They guard real estate properties, prevent vandal attacks and control the arrival / departure of employees, writes Forbes. "This job can be boring, has little to no promotion, and promises a modest annual income."

The second on the list of the most unlucky professions is employees of bank branches. The job involves a lot of stress, not too much support, and reporting requirements down to the dime, Golledge says. “As mobile apps can now handle most of the underlying banking turnover, the importance of branches is diminishing and the outlook for managers is shaky,” the publication writes.

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The third line in the list is occupied by accountants. The remaining places on the list of not very satisfying professions were distributed as follows: 4) account manager, 5) manager / director, 6) sales manager, 7) technical support employee, 8) marketing / sales specialist, 9) sales manager, 10) driver / operator of large equipment, such as a crane operator.

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