The rules of life of Sergei Mavrodi
The rules of life of Sergei Mavrodi

The rules of life, cunning and finance of modern Ostap Bender. There is no personality more contradictory, cunning and clever than the entrepreneur Sergei Mavrodi.

Tips from the creator of the infamous pyramid schemes, drawn from numerous speeches, books or interviews.

Sergei Mavrodi is an ambiguous personality, we can treat him badly, we can do well, or we may not have any opinion about him at all. Someone considers him a psycho, someone is a fraud, but everyone will agree that Mavrodi is a kind of genius. He managed to make millions on a person's thirst for quick enrichment, on human greed and continues to do so successfully.

1. You can not be afraid of anything! Neither this nor the other world. Fear is humiliating. You lose yourself.

2. Everything has its own melting point. Friendship, loyalty, love, honor … That's it! And God forbid you to test this terrible truth in practice, on people close to you. In general, there are chasms into which it is better for a person not to look. Because there is nothing but betrayal, lies, filth and meanness.

3. Excessive discernment is suspicious. After all, everyone judges for himself. Only the villain is always on the alert and expects a dirty trick from everyone. Evil always catches a normal person by surprise.

4. Yes, people are evil. But be kind!

5. If you are treated unfairly, humiliate, insult your honor and dignity - fight! By all means and means available to you, and in spite of everything and without looking back. Protect her, this honor! At any cost. Any!! They used to shoot for honor. If you are silent, you allow yourself to be treated like a dumb brute, like a slave, then what are you complaining about? Slaves have no honor.

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And - all the rest.

7. Is the world bad? Well, make it better!

8. Choosing the lesser of two evils, remember that you choose evil after all.

9. Never listen to anyone's advice! Especially all sorts of "experts". Remember Napoleon's warning: "Everything was going great for me until I began to listen to the advice of experts." And never rely on anyone in serious matters. It is an illusion that someone else will do for you what you yourself should do.

10. One should hesitate only when choosing a goal. Then you just need to act.

11. Money should never be enough. No matter how many of them there are. No matter how great the system is. After all, you always strive to build something more. Super system! This is development. The emergence of free funds are the first signs of decline. Stagnation. Decay! The first flakes of foam on a still crystal-clear, smooth and undisturbed surface.

12. What money cannot buy? Only that which cannot be sold. Do you have that? How to make a million? Since you are asking about this, there is no point in answering.

13. Money is always the goal! For all. All show-offs only beat that they are, for them, a means. For some, there, their great deeds. Well, for Napoleon, maybe they really were a means. But how many Napoleons have you seen in Gusinoozyorsk?

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