Male virginity
Male virginity

With female virginity, everything has long been studied and written in many magazines. But what is male virginity? What should a man do in the absence of sexual experience?

Oh, so that someone knows how many overgrown virgins they write to me! Well, that is, there are not so many of them, of course, not crowds, but much more than you might think. I have read such letters enough to stop being surprised hmmm … male virginity at 25-27-30-35 years old.

And if you consider that men are generally not inclined to write letters, then one can only guess how many adult men actually live with the same problem.

Although as a problem …

So I thought: what kind of an outlandish animal is this - male virginity? No, that's the truth, can someone give me an intelligible answer?

Technically, how is male virginity? With girls, everything is understood, our virginity is something that, in fact, you can see, touch, well, that is, female virginity exists quite physically for itself. What is male virginity? What is it that men have come up with for a trick?

Although, I must confess, I met a frame in my youth who sincerely believed that at the moment of the first sexual intercourse the girl's hymen was torn, and the guy, accordingly, had a bridle (brrr, mummies!). Well, in fact, the moment of rupture of the bridle can be considered the moment of loss of male virginity. In short, both should have blood, otherwise - nothing.

Sexual entertainment
Sexual entertainment

But he, the boy, was forgiven for thinking so. He was very young, with the girls, except perhaps at the desk, and his bridle had not yet been torn.

Actually, this is me saying that since, technically, a man cannot be a virgin, and no physiological nonsense interferes with having sex with women, it would be logical to call it all not "male virginity", but simply a lack of sexual experience.

And that is somehow strange, honestly.

* * * * *

My friend and I once recalled our youth, and he told me that women generally have very little idea of the state of guys during puberty and until the moment when the guy finally manages to get sex more or less regularly.

-What is actually going on? - I asked.

- Well, - he answered, - did you have moments in your youth when you constantly wanted to eat? Well, this is worse. You know, there is even an anecdote such as a purely student-male "I want to eat more than f * ck."

“I don’t understand,” I sincerely blunted, “and what's so funny?

And at that moment my friend laughed just as sincerely.

“You see,” he said, “you, as a woman, simply don’t understand. This is a purely male saying, well, just to the fact that you always want to fuck at a young age. This is such a hunger that I’m ready to do anything, even stick it in a hollow, just to exchange my right hand for something …

Places for sex at home. How to improve sex at home?
Places for sex at home. How to improve sex at home?

* * * * *

I actually read the letter and remembered this conversation. But in fact, the boys begin to grow up and get themselves sex as they please, but this sex - it runs like a red thread everywhere.

So, when I read letters from 27-30-35 year old virgins, I think that since the man somehow managed to not even come close to trying sex (well, in the sense, he did not put desperate efforts to this, or even slowed down), then, along the way, he still has a serious problem.

And this problem is not at all a lack of sexual experience. And I'm not sure if you can get by with just a trip to a prostitute. I'll explain.

In fact, I think that going for the first contact with a prostitute is a good option. BUT! Not bad for those young guys who are ready for all physiological and psychological issues, and for whom, forgive me, sperm comes out of their ears, it interferes with living normally, and they don't let their peers stick in.

That's when you can still go, purely physiologically blow in, to relax. But this is for those guys who have harmony with the attitude.

And now imagine, such a man sits and thinks: "I am 27-30-35 years old, I am a little sad and very insecure, I finally am afraid of women, I have never been able to make a girl carried away by me, I have never succeeded But this is because I have no sexual experience. But I’ll buy myself this very sexual experience, well, I mean, I’ll fly to a prostitute, finish with her once or twice, and life will immediately improve. I will appear, and in general everything will be fine …"

Signs by which girls identify bad lovers before sex
Signs by which girls identify bad lovers before sex

Well, after all, it's three times haha. And because there is a trap hidden. And it lies in the fact that, in principle, initially, in order to still bring the relationship to bed, sexual experience is just not needed. And then half of the Earth died out nafig not yet kissed.

Sexual experience is something that will come in handy even when you put the lady to bed and are going to make her feel good. But you still have to bring it to bed, yeah.

And just imagine, such a man goes to a prostitute and buys himself an hour or two of paid love.

I am already silent about all kinds of overlays. It was as if he, out of inexperience, thought that he was going to an individual, came, and there ten women took turns on unwashed linen and a bull at the entrance. You look, with a fright and the same inexperience in general for ten years to fuck the hunt will be repulsed.

Well, okay, let's say I still found a girl, I arrived, everything was buzzing, rubbed with bodies, the hour ended, the man came out.

And that once he got out of the paid girl, he became a less problematic guy? Maybe in an hour he learned to drag the ladies and drag them to bed? And nifiga.

He remained the same problematic guy with troubles, plus a one-time trip to a prostitute.

And the only experience he got was, I'm sorry, the experience of sticking pussy into pussy with a girl who, by the way, with a probability of 9 out of 10 fucking remembered his name, and finally lay under him and thought: “shit, well let's finish it faster and get it down.” Strong hunting with another left to fuck, yeah.

Two male mistakes in sex. How to Become a Good Lover?
Two male mistakes in sex. How to Become a Good Lover?

No, I actually admit the moment that he will come like that, the girl will be imbued with such sincere sympathy for him (it happens, what) and she will mentally work, and relax, and teach, but I would not seriously count on such luck.

Most likely it will be a stupidly physiological act in which the girl will try hard to make at least a not bored face.

The only, perhaps, plus of this act is that after it the man will somehow begin to determine his attitude to sex in general. Well, that is, either he will come out of her and rejoice, they say, "oh, cool, I did THIS!" … Or, on the contrary, he will be disappointed: "And this garbage is exactly what I have been waiting for for years?"

No, well, it is clear, some percentage will be inspired, they will feel like a man, well, there, a shine in the eyes will appear. But this percentage will be small.

And in the vast majority of cases it will still be a so-so experience, if anything. Yes, and not experience at all, and so, testing a natural program for sticking a stick into a hole, you don't need a lot of mind. No one teaches animals, and they have no priestesses of love, but come on, instinct itself tells what and where to attach.

And this experience is unlikely to help in establishing normal contacts with girls later. Well, that is, he will prove that sex is not scary, but it will not help either. And maybe even harm.

How to make sex better? 7 tips for variety in sex
How to make sex better? 7 tips for variety in sex

Well, because as he could not bring to bed for free, he still does not know how. Only now there is no incentive to try. Why, when it's much easier to buy. And not so scary. I give her money, she gives me her holes for temporary use. And with ordinary girls - go and know how it is all … Well, you have to somehow communicate, look after, charm … Oh, well, nafig! As a result, we get a potential bean. Which, it seems, tried to fuck, but as it was not very good in life, it is.

* * * * *

So initially it would not be puzzling here to find a prostitute, but to start something in the conservatory itself to change, honestly.

As someone once said on the Internet: “Familiar girls complain that they cannot find suitors for themselves. And I’m surprised how in the modern world, with this abundance of information and freedom to be anywhere, when no one keeps anyone within four walls, you can contrive NOT to find yourself a man."

The same goes for guys. How many times in my life I was convinced: when girls chronically do not give a peasant, it is solely because the peasant himself is neither fish nor meat. Of course, there are no magic recipes, such that ah and all at once changed by itself. Everything is standard. Let's go point by point.

The first and basic rule: do not reflect or piss. That's real - just don't piss.

How to find a heifer
How to find a heifer

And then I know these men, damn it, troubles. Either "oh, girls need money, but I am not rich", then "they won't look at me like that", then "but I know that I'm boring" …

Guys in general are a fuck-up what a confused people, worse than girls!

You don't earn as much as you think you need to earn so that the girls watch? Congratulations, you fell a victim to the stereotype about universal female commercialism.

In fact, women are simpler than commonly believed. And the rest - these are the same men who buzzed.

There is, of course, a certain percentage of ladies for whom the loot is most important, but these ladies also live in expensive places and do not have to meddle with them, since it is clear that you are not pulling.

And the rest of the girls need not so much money as attention and, in general, a man nearby. Life confirms something. No matter how they talk about female commercialism, but in fact, our girls are kind, compassionate, sympathetic without measure, almost always ready to "get into a situation, if only a person is good," and in general they don't know their own worth - out, they often hang out and in general with the unemployed, and they themselves pull everything, including borscht.

So relax, give your hand to the girl in the minibus and smile at the saleswoman, damn it! Does not oblige to anything, but the contact is already there.

Again, dating sites. Train to communicate! It won't come by itself.

The second is the view. Clothes are our everything! Even the most unpresentable man sometimes just needs to change his clothes correctly.

The main erogenous zones of a woman. Does your girlfriend simulate an orgasm?
The main erogenous zones of a woman. Does your girlfriend simulate an orgasm?

The stump is clear that if a guy looks dumb, then attention will not help either. Men in general often hammer on clothes, they say, I'm a man, it will do for me anyway, and they walk sloppy, a little tattered, greasy, in rags not in size, and at the same time they complain about personal problems.

There would be no use of the Internet on the subject of men's style, throw out the fucking gray-black, dare and buy bright shirts. They pretend right away.

To this, of course, a haircut, better stylish, and neat hands. Women always look at men's hands. I emphasize - always. Sloppy nails - minus one hundred karma for a man.

Boring interlocutor? Don't know what to talk about? Nonsense and excuses. Themes are really lying underfoot. You sit in a cafe - you discussed the interior, you walk down the street - but at least play a game, count the tiles together, how many types there are.

I speak figuratively, but in general - yes, the topics are underfoot. If it's really a gag, ask the girl. How he lives, where it happens, how he looks at life. People love those with whom they can talk about themselves. And the important thing is tactile contact! This is not when grabbing and kissing a boob. This is when he hugged, pressed, took the hand not with a sweaty trembling palm, but normally, like a man. Damn, yes, in the end, now there is a sea of books about how it should be, there would be a desire!

Sexy body language of girls. 51 female seduction gestures
Sexy body language of girls. 51 female seduction gestures

In general, you need to get to know each other through "scary", and to learn already, damn it, to establish contacts. Otherwise, no prostitute will help. Experience is always "the son of difficult mistakes." Stop sitting and whining. A lot of lonely girls just waiting! Well, you have to manage to stay up to the age of 27 as virgins!

Should I talk about my lack of experience at this age, if it did come to bed? My opinion is not necessary. Well, because, firstly, it really looks strange, and secondly - just what for? No, I understand, when a girl is there, it’s clear, to be more accurate, all the cases. And what kind of guy did he give up for? So that she doesn't hurt?

We can say that there is simply little experience, but not because they did not give it, but because the girls themselves did not like any of them. This is - yes, it can be said.

After all, little experience is even cute …

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