Male and female fears
Male and female fears

How not to close your eyes to trouble and not grow your fears to the size of a phobia? The most common male and female fears.

All people are afraid of something and this is completely normal. Fears go hand in hand with the instinct of self-preservation and are vital for a person. The main thing is not to close your eyes to them and not to grow your fears to the size of a phobia. With fears, you just need to make friends and understand what they are telling us. Before learning about the most common male and female fears, here is some general information.

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According to statistics, men are less likely to admit their fears than women, although nature has also endowed them with impressionability and vulnerability. It is easier for women in society to express their experiences, thus relieving their emotional and physiological stress.

Thin and beautiful women are more afraid than plump and less bright women. The main fears of women and men are "overweight" and "small penis", respectively, and women of normal physique are usually afraid of getting fat. Well, now let's move on to the list of fears.

Top 10 female fears:

1. Fear of gaining excess weight

2. Fear of having cellulite on your body

3. Fear of getting old

4. Fear of losing your attractiveness and interest in yourself as a male

5. Fear of not getting sexual pleasure during sex (being frigid)

6. Fear of being worse than other women

7. Fear of being lonely and unnecessary

8. Fear of not having an orgasm during sex

9. Fear of looking stupid (intellectually underdeveloped)

10. Fear of not making a successful career

Girls with whom it is unfashionable and embarrassing to date
Girls with whom it is unfashionable and embarrassing to date

Top 10 male fears:

1. Fear of having a small penis

2. Fear of low social status

3. Fear of impotence

4. Fear of not being financially secure

5. Fear about your health

6. Fear of baldness

7. Fear of not being realized in life

8. Fear of appearing "feminine"

9. Fear of being small

10. Fear of not having a sense of humor

Where do legs grow from?

The world is developing rapidly, life is flowing faster, the volume of new, often unverified knowledge is growing and fewer and fewer people turn on their brains to analyze, compare facts and form their own opinions. If you don't have a filter in your head that “separates the wheat from the chaff”, then information can literally destroy a person.

Conclusions are often presented to us on a platter by "knowledgeable" and "authoritative" people. The media dictates what women and men need to be in order to please each other. As if the meaning of a person's life is not to find himself, but to please someone. And it turns out that according to the template, a “real” woman should be without a gram of fat (which is the exact opposite of femininity and the ability to bear a child), without wrinkles, sexy, ready to experience an orgasm at any time, with a good husband and a successful career. A "real" man should have: a big penis, thick hair, a height of at least 175 cm, a successful business, at least one car and real estate, an excellent sense of humor, good health and readiness for sex at any moment.

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If you look closely, you can see that a dozen fears are mainly related to our differences from other people and our personality. A person is afraid to be different from everyone else and stand out from the crowd - in terms of physical or social parameters. But does not each of us strive to be unique in our souls? It is our individuality that helps us become ourselves, find ourselves in the professional field and be recognized by our soul mate. Indeed, according to the same opinion polls, a person who is looking for a life partner is most worried about not the size of a spouse or his willingness to experience an orgasm, but their personal qualities.

Is fear necessary?

Fear is a litmus test. He points to the place where we do not have confidence and calmness. Fear is a signal: "Pay attention to me!" For example, fear of being overweight suggests that the physical body needs care - proper nutrition, sufficient water, walking, exercise, and understanding what a healthy body should be like. A person who gives his body everything it needs is unlikely to have a fear of gaining excess weight. Even if he gets better, he will approach this task calmly and confidently, knowing that he can cope with it: if there is a task, there is a solution.

By the way, sometimes it is simply necessary to have fears. Perhaps it is worth looking for those fears that push us to development and reflection. And then fear will become not our enemy, but an ally.

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