Ways to deal with stress
Ways to deal with stress

The ability to maintain restraint and calmness distinguishes a real man. Techniques to help you stay calm and efficient in any situation.

Sharon Melnik, author of this week's top book, Resilience to Stress, shares 100 techniques to help you stay calm and efficient in any situation. Let's share some.

1. Instead of violently reacting emotionally to circumstances, exercise self-control. Imagine the result you want to achieve, and then think, feel and act to achieve it. Define for yourself the qualities of the person you want to be, and set a goal for yourself to develop these qualities in yourself.

In a storm, the captain of the ship does not know where to go. He knows his path in advance and precisely. The more accurately you determine the chosen course for yourself, the easier it will be for you to follow it.

2. Draw energy and calmness from the natural rhythm of your body. Alternate periods of intense activity with the time you give your body to recover. For recovery, choose activities that relax you (such as deep breaths or meditation) or activities that energize you. The best option is to alternate them.

The quality of the rest is much more important than the quantity. Even if you only have three minutes between meetings, you can spend them on a revitalizing exercise.

3. Learn not to take everything that is said personally. When someone criticizes you, first of all, he demonstrates his own worldview. Therefore, first of all, determine for yourself whether you trust the opinion of this person. Be more objective when assessing other people's behavior. We would like to have a remote control for people that would make them do what we want, but people do not change. We can only learn to control what we are able to control.

Why doesn't success come? 72 hours for recess
Why doesn't success come? 72 hours for recess

Try to stay rational and not give in to emotions, always take full responsibility for “your 50%” and strive to achieve your goal.

4. If you doubt yourself, you are likely spending too much energy and effort on other people to think well of you. By doing this, you hope to earn their approval. This type of thinking will certainly provide you with a dose of confidence, but not for long. Stop being a source of stress for yourself! Seek long-term self-confidence through achievement, not approval from others.

5. When it seems to you that you are overwhelmed, then, one way or another, the problem is the lack of clarity in a certain part of the chain of priority distribution. Clarity first of all means that you are aware of what your goals are and why they originally became them. It is important to align your daily activities with goals in order to ultimately achieve them. The best time management tool is clarity: Prioritize your tasks by clearly defining your role, strategic goals / business model, and highlight tasks that are of high importance.

Learn to respond to “yes” or “no” requests depending on whether they bring you closer to your intended goal.

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