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How to be funny. Professional advice
How to be funny. Professional advice

Is it easy to respond to a caustic remark, make a witty joke or strike up an acquaintance with the help of humor? Professional advice on how to be funny.

Five tips for fried humor from Jeffrey Ross

Fast: You have to be fast. You need to react quickly. You don't have to try to be the wittiest if you are quick to joke.

Confidence: Don't try to edit. You are in the circle of friends. Say what you wanted. If you know it's funny, then it is.

Ruthlessness: Exploit people's weak points.

Friendliness: Throw in a little kindness - you are still with friends and family. I really love my Uncle Murray, but when he eats, it can seem like he has two asses.

Swearing: When talking to friends, swearing can add the necessary flavor.

How to be funny. Professional advice

“I automatically perceive everything that happens around me as absurd. If you want to be fun in everyday communication, then you should look: at your life through the eyes of a Martian, and then tell people what is happening to you from the point of view of this Martian. " Carrie Fisher

“The most important thing is to be short. It seems to me that about 90% of those who try to joke take too long. Understand for yourself the main idea of what you are going to say, set yourself a time limit. This is about the same as leaving the casino on time. I always tell my authors that we have never received an email complaining that our sketches should be longer. Get a laugh in response to your joke - and run off the stage. If you don't trust yourself, ask a friend to pull you off the stage in four minutes. " Conan O'Brien

How can you improve yourself?
How can you improve yourself?

“Avoid using humorous jokes. Be yourself, speak as you see fit and as you see fit. If that doesn't work, slip on the banana skin and fall into the manhole. " Rita Radner

“Talking about what really happened to you is always better than using jokes. Rely on your own experience and be natural. " Jay Leno

“The main thing in humor is to be yourself. There is nothing worse than trying to copy someone or using a type of humor that you don't feel comfortable with. " Mary Matalin

“Shoot a joke. If you think this is funny, do not hesitate. If it’s really funny, it’s going to generate a lot more laughter, provided you work hard. When in doubt, the audience will immediately feel it. " Billy Crystal

“Speak confidently. If you know it’s funny, then it’s so.” Stephanie Wilder

“Remember, people want you to be fun, except when you're giving your eulogy. But even then, people are happy to hear the joke. People assume they will be bored. They spend most of their time waiting for this to finally end. And when the speaker jokes, even if not very well, the audience is grateful to him for it. Trust me: THEY LIKE HUMOR. So, feel free to joke, and if your jokes are worthy, then you will get a good return from the audience (note: if they start shooting at you, then the joke was not worthy). " Dave Barry

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What to strive for in life?

“They say that there is nothing funnier than the truth. And this is true, although it may not seem funny at the moment. The only thing funnier than the truth is an amazingly good joke, but these are very rare. Not laughing too hard at something truthful usually has more impact than laughing loudly at, say, an old classic joke. So use what you have: a funny, true story about your coworker is better than an old joke, but if you have a great joke, use that as well. If you have neither one nor the other - sing. It will definitely make you laugh. " Harry Shandling

“The golden rule is that you should cut any joke in half. And also to reduce expectations about the reaction to it. If you have a great joke, count on a good laugh. If you expect a good laugh, expect a smile. Expecting a smile - count on a chuckle, and if you expect a chuckle - get silence. " Jay Leno

You must know exactly what kind of audience you are in front of. If your boss is present and he is a believer, your jokes should not offend him. If there are only men in the gym and they are interested in sports, you can joke about sports. If half are men and half are women, choose jokes accordingly. " Jay Leno

“Make a list of good jokes and sayings from others that made you laugh. Use them in your speeches. " George Schlatter

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