Why is it important to be witty
Why is it important to be witty

A sharp tongue only becomes sharper over the years, and humor becomes more refined and refined. Why should you be more witty and fun?

1. Cheerful people have more friends.

You can achieve popularity in three ways: be rich, be beautiful, or be fun. Everyone likes to interact with witty people who can make you laugh. Therefore, you will hardly find photographs of Osama bin Laden as a toastmaster at the festive table in honor of circumcision.

2. Witty people are noted by the bosses at work

Here we are not talking about idiots who sit naked on the copier and press the "Start" button, and then post the result on the wall at the workplace, or idiots who spend Internet traffic sending unoriginal emails to everyone. We mean employees who can keep the audience's attention during the entire presentation with their wit; managers who can create an atmosphere of loyalty and cohesion using a joke; security guards who can make an angry, rejected candidate for a good job smile.

3. Cheerful people earn more

It has been proven that those who can make others laugh earn more. This is why the president of America only makes $ 400,000 a year, and the famous comedian Carrot Top makes $ 17 million.

Is it worth the risk in life
Is it worth the risk in life

4. Veselchakov are not beaten at school

Having a lot of muscle mass can prevent bullying from a bunch of thugs. A sense of humor can also help. A quick witty response or the ability to make the leader of the gang laugh can turn an unpleasant school situation into a peaceful conversation. Although, of course, you can just give the money saved up for visiting a cafe with a friend and quickly run away.

5. Cheerful people are better served in stores

You might guess that the seller's life is not like honey rivers with jelly banks. According to the rating, this profession is somewhere between the assistant of the proctologist and the organizer of the wedding celebration for Jennifer Lopez. So who will these representatives of world grief react to better: to the evil mother in hair curlers, beating her children on the head and at the same time trying to figure out where you can find size 44 polyester stretch knickers, or to you, who made them laugh?

6. Cheerful people live longer

George Burns, a jovial man, lived to be a hundred years old. Milton Berle, a gay man, lived to be ninety-three years old. James

Dean, a sad man, died at twenty-four. I'm not talking about myself.

7. Cheerful people are smarter

This is probably a direct relationship. Maybe you need to be smart to be funny. Of course, you need to be well-read, be able to connect two seemingly unrelated events and instantly give a reply. And even if funny people are not very smart, then at least they seem so. I don't know if Bill Maher is smarter than President Bush, but I do know that Maher is more fun and seems to be a person who understands better economics.

Why doesn't success come? 72 hours for recess
Why doesn't success come? 72 hours for recess

8. Wit can make up for many shortcomings

People might have turned a blind eye to some of Saddam Hussein's human rights abuses if humor had been present in his speeches. Personally, I would forgive him a lot.

9. Cheerful people are more likely to have sex

This reason can be called the main argument. After all, we all know that it is. If you can make a woman laugh, then there is a good chance that you will be able to undress her.

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