Planning a man's life
Planning a man's life

If you take any action, then you must be sure that as a result of this action you will be better than before. Otherwise it is pointless.

- My wife and I have been happy for twenty years …

- And then?

- Then we met …

If you take some action (whether it be business or personal life, it does not matter), then you must be sure that as a result of this action you will be better than before. Otherwise, this action is meaningless. You must clearly understand why you are doing this, what you will get as a result, how you will pay, whether there will be enough resources, what are the risks, what are the laws, what is the tendency for them to change, what are the precedents (experience of other people in a similar situation). And of course, you must have a clear economic calculation and a plan of action in regular and force majeure circumstances. And, of course, a formal agreement with partners, drawn up, analyzed by your lawyer.

For example, you have a girlfriend. Do you know her tactical plans? Do you know the strategic plans? But she has them. A woman is always planning a relationship. You haven't had time to take off your pants, but she has already fantasized who your children will become and what kind of house you will have. Or maybe she only wants love and sex with you without obligation? Or does she just need to squeeze money from you? Or does she need to live somewhere, and it is better for free with you than renting an apartment for money? Or is she in the first weeks of pregnancy and is looking for someone to appoint the father of her child from a man unknown to you? What do you know about her and what plans do you have? What do you want in a day? A week? Month? Year? Twenty years old?

For example, you are about to get married. Are you sure your life will be better after the wedding? Are you sure that, having the legal ability to rob you, your wife will not do it? Have you done everything to protect yourself and your investment in the family? Are you sure that after the wedding you will be provided with the quantity and quality of sex you need? Do you know exactly what type of marriage you want? Traditional? Are you ready for responsibility in the male sphere of competence? Affiliate? Are you ready to be a partner yourself and respect the interests of your partner? Parasitic? Are you ready to be parasitized? Are you sure that you are able to build a relationship with this woman that suits you? Has the prenuptial agreement been drawn up on favorable terms for you? Or do you, like an ostrich, hid your head in the sand and do not think about anything? Perhaps everything will somehow work out by itself without your participation? Look around and count what percentage of men you know personally are happy and content with their married life. And think about why.

What is jealousy?
What is jealousy?

Think with your top head. Act not from considerations of "what should I", but from considerations of "what I need". You don't owe a woman anything until she owes you. Debt in a relationship can only be mutual. But this is all tactics.

The strategic plan should be based on an understanding of what happiness and the meaning of life are. The strategic goal of a man's life is to be happy. That is, self-realization in all directions. And in the creative and in the biological. That is, to have a business that brings good income and the joy of creative self-realization, as well as to be a responsible leader of the family hierarchy.

Or simply, build a house (preferably a villa), plant a tree near it (preferably a park, a garden) and raise a son (preferably three).

And in order for this to have enough time and resources, a man must be able to independently plan his life, control and manage his resources, not let go of control. And choose a woman as a partner who is focused on strategic cooperation with him, and not on parasitism and not on taking resources away from him. This is especially important in matriarchy in the anti-male legal space.

And if it's quite simple. Build your life according to the scheme: “The leader has a lair and territory. And his production is HIS production. If a female lives in his den and eats his prey, then she lives by HIS rules. " Or: "A male and a female together build a den together, drag their prey into the den together on an equal footing and raise their cubs together." And in every possible way avoid the scheme: “A low-ranking male drags prey into the female's den. And if she is not happy with him, she kicks him out of her lair."

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Attractive human traits

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