Estonian women
Estonian women

One man wrote what he thinks about Estonian women and not only. Modern women, in all countries of the former USSR, are similar to each other.

“I didn’t keep statistics, but it seems that once a week every self-respecting publication for women gives out an opinion: what are all the same Estonian men idiots, poor, not caring, lazy, scary, etc. But an Estonian woman is a standard of beauty, an object of desire, a symbol of diligence. A true gem, in a word, which Estonian men do not know how to take care of.

Here are just some of my observations, something that annoys me personally. This cannot be extended to everyone, but it still applies to a very large group of females.

You drink as only men used to drink. The party starts on Wednesday.

You are lethargic, do not play sports.

You are fakes, you yourself probably know how many Chinese hair, plastic nails, etc. use (no more money for training).

You don't know how to cook. If a woman does not even know how to bake pancakes, then what to talk about!

You have a plan to find a rich husband. You do not know how or cannot try and do something in this life yourself, since there is no need. Otherwise, why are there so few women leaders and politicians?

You don’t do the cleaning, your houses are like pigsties - there’s no time to clean up.

Love is not beautiful
Love is not beautiful

You are caring, post pictures of missing cats on Facebook and sympathize with the whole world, the main thing is not to take your asses off the couch yourself.

You take your glam press too seriously. Especially those of you who have already found a rich husband and are now bored.

You have no such thing as self-criticism. The exception is your own appearance.

Estonian women
Estonian women

You don't have self-confidence either, since it can only come from personal achievement and education.

You are arrogant.

You do not respect your state, culture and language. And even half of your native language consists of English expressions.

You can't dance. I don't mean what you portray in clubs.

You are oriented towards an empty, fun life.

You are bitter and critical of each other.

You are so proud of your bachelor's degree that the male worker is automatically an inferior race to you. At the same time, you yourself do not know how to write competently.

You want a macho man without knowing how to be a woman.

Naturally, there are still those who resisted all this tinsel and simply remained human. Those whose life is always rich, who have a profession, a hobby and something to stand up for. And, probably, their men care about them enough and even more and want to become better, because they have to offer something to such a worthy companion. The only pity is that the ones that I have told about are more and more striking. And they scream louder and louder."

What is love? How to understand how falling in love will end?
What is love? How to understand how falling in love will end?



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