Four levels of improvisation skill
Four levels of improvisation skill

Do you want to learn how to speak beautifully and effectively like the character of Ostap Bender? Easily! How do you become a really good improviser?

Let's imagine a performance without preparation in the form of a computer game with four difficulty levels, which must be passed in turn, one after the other.

After completing the first three levels, you become a really good improviser. However, you can become one of the best only after passing the last, fourth, level. Are you ready to play? Let's start then.

Level 1. Speak for 2 minutes

Your task at this level is to overcome the stupor, when it seems to you that there is not a single thought in your head, and to gain the confidence that you are able to talk for two minutes on any topic without preparation.

The first level is beginner, but it lays the foundation for everyone else. You must learn to speak on any topic within two minutes. Don't worry about the meaning of your statement. Don't worry about structure and presentation. Your only goal is two minutes of speaking.

Have you ever seen speakers stuttering and blushing answering a question without preparation? They still haven't passed the first level.

Level 2. Adding structure and meaning

Your listeners will only be able to remember information and follow the course of your thoughts if the speech has a clear structure. Ideally, the presentation should consist of an introduction, a main part and a conclusion. At this stage, you should learn how to structure it. In addition, there should be some idea in your statement, and what you are talking about should be clear to the audience. At this level, disregard gestures and movements, intonation and eye contact.

The habits of successful people
The habits of successful people

Level 3. Feed

The methods of presenting speech impromptu are not much different from the presentation of prepared speeches. In the third level, you will work on gestures, pauses, eye contact, intonation, and other ways of presenting. The goal of this level is to learn how to perform in such a way that your impromptu is convincing, bright and charismatic. Once you have mastered the third level, your improvisations will be popular with the public.

Level 4. Non-standard move

If you want to learn how to speak so that your speeches will be remembered for years, you will have to master level four.

Speaking to an audience is not a conversation with a friend, and your goal here is not to say what you really think, but to provide people with valuable information.

Avoid predictability, be creative - and your speeches will be remembered for a long time. Express a point of view that is different from the generally accepted, and you will be noticed.

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