How to get rid of discouragement?
How to get rid of discouragement?

Stop walking around with a dull mug and drive people around you into anguish. Time to get rid of negative mood and depression. How to enjoy life and be positive?

1. Eat right

2. More often to be in nature, in the mountains

3. Exercise

4. Act according to your purpose (the very first is to act according to the male or female nature)

5. Have harmonious relationships with others and within the family

6. Be able to make money, be successful (more for men)

7. Benefit with your life

8. Have goals in life

9. Learn selflessness, get rid of selfishness

10. Cultivate the guna of goodness, learn to live "here and now"

Despondently, one of the most powerful techniques is to simply return to the Here and Now. But if you're feeling discouraged, it's not easy to do.

The simplest rule to return to the "here and now" is 10 conscious inhalation and exhalation. When we breathe consciously, the mind turns off, depression disappears and the immune system works better.

We return to a certain situation only because we did not accept it. It is necessary to reduce the ego and accept any situations, to accept inside.

Despondency is when we didn’t accept something inside, but put on a mask outwardly. Therefore, sometimes this external one needs to be "broken".

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Learn to thank, even those who hurt or displease you. It will be hard at first, but then everything will change. You need to work with the subconscious - do bows, say some things, write with your left hand.

When we give thanks - the energy of joy goes, we see the world from a different reality. When you see another person as a teacher, why take offense at him?

One of the best techniques is to repeat for six months for 10 minutes a day: "Every day my life is getting better and better in all respects." If you have joy in your soul, it is easy for you to repeat it, it is easy to repeat very quickly.

If despondency has penetrated deep into the subconscious, then it takes 2-3 years to work it out. If you do not work on it, it will destroy life very quickly, you will not have time to blink, as the foundation of life collapsed.

Most often, despondency in people who are engaged in spiritual practice. Spirituality gives confidence that you are right, you begin to judge other people. Why does it appear? Because there is no love, rigid principles and morality, condemnation - they close the heart.

Therefore, you cannot condemn and criticize others. "You have your own point of view, I have mine and it's great … that everyone has their own path and we can discuss it."

And never envy anyone, tk. envy very quickly leads to despondency ("he has such a car … but I don't have one at all", "she bought herself a mink coat … but I can't afford it", etc.)

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