How to always be with money
How to always be with money

Many have forgotten the common truths that allow you to always have extra money. Where can I get the money? How to always be with money?

Let's deduce a number of understandable, today, patterns that allow you to always be with money

1. Be an expert

The experts are trusted. They find the experts themselves. Experts are highly regarded.

Expertise is not a completed doctorate at all, but just a little more knowledge of the subject than the knowledge of your target audience. And the ability to present it.

2. Always sell

Your time is money. If time doesn't bring money (or its equivalent), time is wasted. Therefore, every day "in person!" sell something. Even if it's a trifle. You can sell your advice (for lunch, for example), sell your company nearby. Selling a pen to a stranger in the reporting authorities. The main thing is to maintain sales skills.

3. Be uncomfortable

The more convenient you are, the more you are used (without your benefit). So you go out ten times for a beer, talk to neighbors, mop the floor, and set up your computer. Other's. Do not think that your "good" deed will be remembered at its true worth. One more time, two more, and you will be bent over every time. In the meantime, you will be wasting time on new opportunities.

4. Promise a lot

Even if you fail, you can always find a person who will do it for half the amount paid to you. Now my threshold is 30%. You need to strive for 10%.

What to say to yourself in a difficult situation?
What to say to yourself in a difficult situation?

5. Control the situation

Never excuse yourself from circumstances. Be responsible for your actions. People appreciate it and trust you much more, feeling a reliable person in you.

6. Know who you are

What are your hobbies, what you work with, what you strive for. Know this clearly. And design your business card accordingly.

7. Look for contacts

Meet new people every day. On the street, at exhibitions, at work, on the Internet. Give everyone your business card. It so happens that it can work even after 5-10 years.

8. Use your contacts

Introduce your friends. Showing how and where they can be useful to each other.

9. Learn new things about your topic

Excluding public news. If something really important happens, you will know about it.

10. People always buy something

Analyze this constantly. And do so that they would buy this "something" from you.

11. Raise your price

Do not feel sorry for your customers (believe me, they will not regret you) - raise the price. If the product is exclusive, raise it three times. By the way, in the business in which I did this, sales also increased almost threefold. Those. profitability increased by 9. Since no additional marketing moves were undertaken.

12. Use stereotyped thinking

People have stereotypes that inspire confidence in them. For example, one page with contacts and descriptions attracts more leads (as it looks like a private ad), but does not sell well. A multi-page online store with a good engine sells much better. Although it is also done in 20 minutes. A man in a good suit sells better than a man in a sports one. Look for stereotypes of your target audience.

How not to be boring?
How not to be boring?

13. Better once on time than twice right

As one of my girls used to say, it’s better to give in right away than torturing yourself with excuses. In other words: Better to do and regret than regret not doing. Many people know this, but almost no one follows.

14. Satisfy Desires

Sell what your target audience WANTS. If, however, you understand that this will harm them (as often happens) - pack the goods, so that they want. And inside is what they need.

15. Make small surprises

Send greeting cards, "kinder surprises" to those people who are interesting to you. When they need the services that you provide, they will definitely remember about you (and completely forget about your competitors).

16. Always ask twice as much

Will give - great. (and this happens in 6 cases out of 10). In case of emergency. because you can make a discount. twenty%

17. Any of the methods described here may not be correct

Your task - come up with your own. You, and only you, know your strategies for success. And if you analyze the successful moments of your life and find a pattern (and most importantly, you will use your principles), you are doomed to success.

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