15 principles of a man
15 principles of a man

A woman is made up of desires, and a man is made up of principles. Principles are the driving force of a man, his conviction and point of view. 15 principles that a real man should have:

1. Try not to impose on people, and you will understand how many people need you.

2. If your friends call you only when they need something, then think about whether they are friends, and not just colleagues.

3. Be discreet.

4. If you are asked something that you do not really want to advertise, do not say anything.

5. Be punctual.

6. Watch your speech and actions.

7. Analyze the past and your mistakes. This will increase your experience.

8. Do not cut from the shoulder, think with a pure mind.

9. Take your time.

10. Talkativeness does not lead to anything good.

11. Develop memory, thinking and strength.

12. Strive for a goal.

15 principles of a man
15 principles of a man

13. If you argue with someone, defend your point of view.

14. Don't change your principles because of the opinions of others.

15. Strive to ensure that the opinions of others no longer affect you. Know what you want and get it.

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