Efficiency or enjoyment of life
Efficiency or enjoyment of life

What is more important than effective productivity in life or enjoying it? How to prioritize and manage to do everything? How to live, work and enjoy life at the same time?

1. Don't make too many plans.

Planning is necessary, but it shouldn't go beyond reasonable. It's not bad if you know what your tomorrow night is doing, but if you can easily tell what you will do in two months on Friday at 9:00 pm, it’s overkill.

You can never plan your time perfectly. Various unforeseen circumstances that each of us face on a daily basis will simply prevent you from doing this.

2. Meet new people

The more people you meet on your life path, the more interesting you will learn. Each person is a source of new knowledge and invaluable experience, you just need to be able to extract them from communication with him.

3. Don't be afraid of responsibility

Whatever area you are in, do not be afraid to take on leadership roles. Organize trainings and seminars at work. Plan your trips and big holidays at home. The more responsibility you take on, the higher your self-confidence. Moreover, in this case it will be absolutely justified.

4. Write down your ideas

Whenever an interesting thought comes to your mind, don't let it slip away from there. Many people are sure that they are not able to come up with something brilliant, while not even suspecting that they have already done it more than once, and subsequently safely forgot about their ideas. To avoid this, always have a notebook and pencil on hand.

No willpower?
No willpower?

5. Attend seminars

Attend meetings, workshops, and gatherings often on topics that interest you. You will gain a lot of new knowledge and skills, meet like-minded people and, possibly, make new friends.

6. Don't delay entertainment

Many people mistakenly think that in order to have a good rest and fun, you need to have a lot of money, and in order to have a lot of money, you need to work well, and in order to work well, you need to give up rest and fun. As you can see, this is a vicious circle. Don't wait for the right moment to relax. If you want to do it right now, do it right now. Enjoy every minute of your life.

7. Spend more time outdoors

Get out of the house often. After making an appointment with a friend, do not sit in a stuffy cafe, but go for a walk in the nearest park. Clean air helps you think more clearly.

8. Go in for sports

Sport develops not only physically. Thanks to him, your discipline develops. If you can push yourself to exercise daily, you can push yourself to be more productive in other areas as well. In addition, sport is a source of energy and positiveness.

9. Don't be afraid to recycle

If you are afraid all your life to go beyond your comfort, you will never know what opportunities are hidden behind them. Thomas Edison said that most people miss an opportunity because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

Become authentic or how to be real yourself
Become authentic or how to be real yourself

10. Live in the here and now and do what you like

Use the talent that you have: if only those birds that sing the best sang in the forest, it would be very quiet there. Don't think about the past or the future, think about what you are doing at the moment.

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