Stress-free work
Stress-free work

How not to feel overwhelmed by a large number of tasks and quickly cope with large projects? How to work without stress and hassle.

1. Timely transition from one energy level to another.

- A surge of energy can develop into high levels of anxiety and even panic in the absence of a strategic picture or project plan. The unproductive energy will try to grasp its beginning, middle and end at the same time. It's like throwing a match into a can of gasoline instead of turning on the spark plugs.

- Concentrated energy is needed to work on specific details and stages. At this level, there is a risk of getting bogged down in trifles and forgetting about the timing. As a result, the result will be irrelevant to the goal and will lead you astray.

2. Visualize the entire project or many of its stages in the form of a map to determine the path for the coming days, weeks or months. Remember that with every step you take, you become smarter, stronger, and more confident. Use the energy you wasted in being depressed to work consistently on a project, but do not try to cover everything at once (to be at the end of the path or on the top of a mountain). Decide when and where to start, and the body will adapt the energy to the required level of performance.

3. Set deadlines yourself. Divide the full term into several intermediate ones, taking into account your laziness, family life and the need for feedback on the project. This will help you be more realistic about deadlines, control your work schedule, and give yourself a break between stages. Thanks to this, you will form a clearer understanding of small tasks and the desire to procrastinate will disappear. You will cease to feel that life is subject to externally imposed deadlines, and you will get rid of your inner protest.

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4. Take breaks every 30, 60 or 90 minutes to check your overall course and make sure you are on track and on time. This will instill in you the confidence that your work will help you take the next step in realizing an ambitious mission.

4. Feel like a strong personality that no one is allowed to judge. By stopping beating yourself for every little thing, you can relax and focus on work - one step at a time, and no depression or anxiety.

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