Who will succeed in the new world
Who will succeed in the new world

Technology is gradually replacing people. What is the place of man in the new picture of the world: who will prosper and who will lose their privileges in this new machine economy?

Self-driving cars will soon take out of their jobs for truck drivers. Computer programs are now able to write reports about sports events and track changes in stock exchange rates. There are even computers that can evaluate the essays of students with a fairly high accuracy, and this can already revolutionize pedagogy. Machines are increasingly becoming a source of not only physical strength, but also intelligence, and this, in turn, raises the question of what is the place of man in the new picture of the world: who will prosper and who will lose their privileges in this new machine economy?

Who will succeed?


Within five years, we will most likely receive the best education in the world, which will be free and accessible via the Internet. However, not everyone will be in a hurry to sit down and start studying the material, if the professor is not standing over them, forcing them to work.

Those who are sufficiently motivated to use online resources will be able to achieve significant success in the future. It is already widely known that the best students from India have excelled in Courseser's courses, and it has become a real shame for the much less motivated but gifted students from America. "Free" won't help you if you don't put in any effort.

Always be true to yourself
Always be true to yourself

People who listen to computers

Your smartphone will record essential information about your life, and when you ask for it, it will tell you what to do, using the data received from your home, from your spouse or friends. “You threw this bread away the last three times you bought it - don't take it anymore,” is what the text message of the future will sound like. What about, "Now is not the right time to fight with your wife again?" GPS is just the beginning of the era of computer-assisted instruction.

Take your smartphone with you on a date, and it will probably vibrate in your pocket to tell you "Kiss her." If you are still hesitant for fear of appearing too insistent, he may write to you: “Don't think that you might seem bad. After all, you have to try to find the optimal girlfriend for the rest of your life. " Those who do not heed the advice of a smartphone or try to rebel will lose the glittering prizes. Those of us who listen may at some point feel like puppets, devoid of all pride.

People with marketing flair

There will be much more wealth in the new world, but it will not be distributed too evenly, because human labor in many areas will cease to be a special and rare resource. But the ability to grab the attention of customers will help you make good money. Keep in mind that Mark Zuckerberg also had a degree in psychology in addition to his computer talent. The technical work can be done by machines, but only humans can combine the technical side with eye-catching innovations.

What professions will be in demand in the future?
What professions will be in demand in the future?


In the future, the responsibilities of many working people will be to get others to be either pleased or extremely dissatisfied with themselves. Coaches, mentors, and disciplines will work in a wide variety of walks of life - at least with those of us who can stand and listen to them. These people will coax, flatter, and shame us in an effort to get us to make our lives better, fix our work habits, and change our consumption patterns. That is why nowadays a huge number of people go to yoga classes instead of doing it at home using video courses. The income of managers who motivate talented people will continue to grow in the future.

Who will be hardest hit by the technological revolution?

Injured people

Computing technology and computer programs will greatly simplify the process of evaluating performance.

In such circumstances, it will be much more difficult to pass over in silence your failures and adhere to a policy of self-deception. In fact, we all face the fate of professional chess players who always know which move predetermined their defeat, always have before their eyes the numerical indicators of their overall performance and always face difficulties in trying to somehow explain their loss.

The professionalism of people will be assessed by many indicators. People will have an incentive to tell everything about themselves in order to get a higher-paying job or the opportunity to climb the social ladder. In those who will hide something, you will see the worst, so frankness will rule the ball. Many will start to hate the idea of Big Data.

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People who are unlucky with their health

Quality surgery and cancer treatments are difficult to automate. They will be very expensive, and serious health problems can be tragic, because not everyone can afford to pay for the best treatment.

If quality diagnostics are available online, some people will start getting treatment early in the course of their illness, while others will be able to know exactly what they are dying of.

People who don't need money

We are used to thinking in terms of the poor, the rich, and the middle class, but the boundaries of these categories will soon change. The eastern outskirts of Berlin and Williamsburg, Brooklyn are our window to the future. These urban areas are inhabited by people who are talented, culturally literate, well-versed on the Internet, and unwilling to believe in the ideals of hard work for a decent middle-class existence. We need to come up with a new name for the group of people who earn at the level of the lower middle class, but still follow the cultural habits of the wealthy upper middle class. They will spread a libertarian view of the world, the idea that it is completely unacceptable to spend all your time working for the benefit of other people.

Political radicals

A mechanized, computer-driven, highly unjust future is sometimes seen as a reason for rebellion. However, the Edward J. Snowden saga proves to us that this will not be easy, because technology can be both a tool of rebellion and a tool of control and surveillance. In addition, our society is aging rapidly, which makes it more peaceful, less prone to violence and less extreme in many ways. The most notable spike in social unrest came in the 1960s, when manufacturing and the American middle class flourished. The more work machines do, the less convincing the arguments of those who want to move production to distant countries with low wages sound.

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