Sergey Slavyansky - the best chanson 2013
Sergey Slavyansky - the best chanson 2013

Singer and composer, producer and arranger working in the style of pop chanson. Interview with the performer of the chanson Sergei Slavyansky.

- Sergei, according to some Internet sources your song "Wife" is recognized as "The best chanson of the year 2013", how do you feel about this?

- Yes, I'm extremely happy about that. This award may be virtual, but it is worth a lot, because this award is truly recognized by people who cannot be made to love the song and here you cannot say that it is falsification. And the song itself can already be called folk, as Mikhail Tanich said, if the song is sung at weddings and restaurants, then the song has become folk. As far as I know, it is sung throughout the post-Soviet space, in Israel, Germany. God willing, this song will live a very long time

- I read that you are not only the author of the music, lyrics and arrangement of the song "Wife", but was the video filmed according to your script?

- I will say more that I wrote my script for all three videos and I never had a desire to entrust it to anyone.


- Have there been moments on the set that you remember with a grain of irony or as an anecdote?

- Bed scene (smiles). According to the plot at the beginning of the video, early morning … My wife wakes up, gets up and leaves, I stay to sleep further. The episode, which lasts 14 seconds, we filmed for more than three hours due to the fact that the heroine and I had a perky and prolonged laugh, and it even went so far that tears flowed from laughter. The director went smart, leaving us alone on the set so we could calm down. But upon the arrival of the film crew, laughter returned, and at the same time for both.

- Who played the "wife" in the video?

- Wonderful, clever and beautiful Nadezhda Timofeeva, host of the Belarus 1 TV channel. The casting for the role was conducted by me virtual. The director threw me photographs of actresses, models who, in his opinion, could fit this role. I was left to choose the only one and I did not miss. In the next video "Luck" she dreamed of being a co-founder of the company. I love working with her.

- What is the taste of life for you?

- Enjoy nature, communicate with interesting people, the opportunity to develop and enjoy life.

- What then gives you pleasure?

- I get great pleasure from my work! One genius person said: "I found my favorite job and since then I stopped going to work." This is about me. That is, when what you love becomes work, you do not take it for work.


- What projects do you plan to participate in in the near future? What are your creative plans?

- I like to come up with new ideas, projects and bring them to life. I am a producer and ideological organizer of the project: Annual, nationwide "CHANCE - GULYANKA!" This is a gala concert of chanson stars, you can even call a musical marathon. The atmosphere of true folk festivities, a unique chance to really "walk" in the company of your favorite artists. This is a sea of unbridled fun, a bright show, incendiary dances, live sound and only hits! I did not choose the date of November 7 by chance. A little nostalgia for the Soviet era. Recording new songs and a new tour ahead.

- What are you offstage?

- In life I am the same as on stage, open and direct. My motto: With good songs, with an open mind!

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