100 diseases and ways to heal
100 diseases and ways to heal

People do not try to prevent diseases, but to cure them. What could be more stupid? Catastrophe is born from small things, and disease arises from subtle deviations. How to be healthy? If you want to save yourself from a disaster or solve a problem, then it is best to prevent them from occurring in your life in advance. And then there will be no difficulties. In order to cure an ailment, get rid of a disease, it is best to be prepared for them ahead of time. Then there will be a happy outcome.

At present, people do not pay attention to this and do not try to prevent, but direct their efforts to save themselves. They do not try to prepare ahead of time, but try to heal with the help of drugs.

Therefore, there are sovereigns who are not able to protect the sacrificial altar of state power. There are also such organisms that are not able to keep themselves intact for a long life.

Thus, a man of wisdom achieves happiness when there are still no omens. He gets rid of trouble when it has not yet appeared. After all, a catastrophe is born from small things, and disease arises from the subtlest deviations. People believe that little good is not useful, and therefore they do not want to do good.

It seems to them that there will be no harm from a little evil, and therefore they do not strive to correct themselves. If you do not accumulate goodness little by little, then great Potency will not work. If you do not abstain from evil in small things, then a big crime will be committed. Therefore, we will choose the most important thing to show how it is born.

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So here are a hundred diseases.

Not knowing constancy, then rejoicing, then angry is a disease.

Forgetting duty, seeking profit is a disease.

Loving sensual pleasures, destroying Potency is a disease.

Attaching with all your heart, love is a disease.

Hating, wanting death on someone is a disease.

Because of licentiousness and greed, making mistakes without noticing is a disease.

It is a disease to blaspheme people by praising yourself.

Changing all the time, self-indulgence is a disease.

To be too talkative, to like to chat is a disease.

To rejoice in persecuting the wrong is a disease.

Boasting knowledge, despising others is a disease.

Using the power to do arbitrariness is a disease.

Thinking people are wrong and yourself right is a disease.

To offend by carelessly treating the weak and defenseless is a disease.

Defeating people using force is a disease.

Being lazy, feeling your power and strength is a disease, In speeches, striving to conquer people is a disease.

Taking a loan, not remembering to return is a disease.

Thinking of people as unrighteous, thinking about your own righteousness is a disease.

By being straightforward to harm people is a disease.

Not loving people, being disposed to oneself is a disease.

And boasting of oneself in disposition and anger is a disease.

To consider others stupid and oneself to be wise is a disease.

Having done a worthy deed, exposing yourself is a disease.

Finding flaws in famous people is a disease.

Complaining about having to work is a disease.

To mistake illusions for reality is a disease.

Rejoicing in the mistakes of others is a disease.

Flaunting your wealth in front of people is a disease.

Being noble, it is a disease to despise people.

Being poor, being jealous of the rich is a disease.

Being in a low position, speaking evil of the noble is a disease.

Slandering people, seeking favor with oneself is a disease.

To manifest oneself through one's potency-de is a disease.

To be successful by defeating someone is a disease.

Due to selfish motives

breaking justice is a disease.

Because of self-love, not seeing the point is a disease. Maintain safety by

that others are in danger is disease.

Being jealous is a disease.

Because of irascibility, it is a disease to conflict with others.

To hate a lot and love a little is a disease.

Constantly discussing what is true and what is not true is a disease.

Shifting responsibility onto other people is a disease.

Rejecting the essence, to attach only to the external is a disease.

Discussing the merits and demerits of other people is a disease.

Thinking people are deceitful, believing yourself is a disease.

Helping people hope for reward is a disease.

To blame a person for not doing good to you is a disease.

Having shared with a person, to repent of it is a disease.

Loving to be admonished when you are angry is a disease.

To scold and abuse any living creatures is a disease.

To harm someone with witchcraft is a disease.

To blame and blame talented people is a disease.

Not loving people because they have surpassed you is a disease.

To be addicted to different potions is a disease.

If there is no even state in the heart, it is a disease.

Returning to old grievances in thoughts is a disease.

Making a lot of noise about any ability is a disease.

Not accepting admonitions and criticism is a disease.

To conquer someone with formal complaints is a disease.

Talking to a fool, a fool, is a disease.

In a difficult situation, acting lightly is a disease.

To incite lawlessness is a disease.

Loving to be considered right is a disease.

To doubt a lot and believe a little is a disease.

Laughing at crazy and seizures is a disease.

Sitting lounging without observing the ritual is a disease.

Ugly words and angry speech are a disease.

It is a disease to be contemptuous and neglectful of the old and the little.

An evil attitude and ugly behavior is a disease.

To change all the time without having your own opinion is a disease.

Being too attached to fun and jokes is a disease.

To love to restrict people is a disease.

Cunning and flattering is a disease.

Wanting to get something, to achieve by deceit is a disease.

Being deceitful and breaking your promises is a disease.

Brawling and rampaging, drinking wine is a disease.

Swearing and swearing about wind and rain is a disease.

Wanting to kill for evil words is a disease.

Inducing an abortion is a disease.

While borrowing, not remembering to return is a disease.

Interfering in other people's affairs is a disease.

Sneak peeping is a disease.

Taking a loan, hiding from creditors is a disease.

Not listening to the opposite opinion is a disease.

The love of abrupt rejection is a disease.

Pestering women persistently is a disease.

Because of old delusions, deceiving another is a disease.

Ruining birds' nests, breaking eggs is a disease.

Killing an embryo, cutting flesh is a disease.

To do harm through water and fire is a disease.

Laughing at the blind, deaf and dumb is a disease.

Encouraging marriage is a disease.

Teaching people to make provocations is a disease.

Teaching people to do evil is a disease.

Changing your attitude towards someone in trouble is a disease.

To wish for misfortune, to call upon misfortune is a disease.

Seeing something pleasant, the desire to receive is a disease.

To take things away from people by force is a disease.

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Lao Jun says:

If you remember the need to get rid of these hundred diseases, then trouble will not happen to you, and all ailments and ailments will go away by themselves, you will always receive help and support in difficulties and danger, and your children and grandchildren will never be deprived of the support of Heaven.

Praise of a hundred remedies

Lao Jun says:

Since ancient times, sages have strived to do good even in the smallest detail. There was not the slightest offense that they did not correct. If you behave in this way, then you can say that you are taking medicine. The so-called one hundred remedies are listed below.

Observance of the ritual in motion and rest is medicine.

The pliability of the body and gentleness of character are medicine.

Broad demeanor and kindness in the heart is the remedy.

Observance of measure in everything is a medicine.

Giving up on benefits, being guided by a sense of duty is the cure.

Do not take more than what you are supposed to take - this is a medicine.

Seeking moral strength by rejecting the temptations of the flesh is medicine.

To get rid of desires in your heart is a medicine.

Despite the dislike, it is medicine to show love.

Seeking the wise use of everything is medicine.

To wish people happiness is medicine.

To rescue in trouble, to help in difficulties is a medicine.

Re-educating the stupid and naive is a cure.

Calling for correction of those who are inclined to unrest is medicine.

It is medicine to warn and admonish the young and immature.

To instruct and educate the lost and the mistaken is medicine.

Helping the old and the weak is medicine.

Using force to help people is medicine.

Compassion for the abandoned, pity for the lonely is medicine.

It is medicine to be merciful to the poor and to help those begging for alms.

In a high position, serving the inferior is the remedy.

Being humble and compliant in speech is medicine.

Respect and respect for the junior in rank is a medicine.

Not demanding the return of old debts is a remedy.

Being capable of sincere compassion in grief is medicine.

Being truthful in words, maintaining sincerity and trust is medicine.

Giving up on resourcefulness, striving for directness is the remedy.

Do not argue, figuring out who is the temper, who is to blame - this is the medicine.

When faced with aggression, not reacting rudely is medicine.

Having endured an insult, not holding a grudge is medicine.

Getting away from evil and striving for good is a medicine.

Yielding the best, taking the worst for yourself is medicine.

Yielding more, taking less for yourself is medicine.

When meeting a wise man, to look critically at oneself is a remedy.

Not showing oneself by showing off is a remedy.

Yielding merit, taking on the most difficult thing is medicine.

Not bragging about your virtue is medicine.

Not to be silent about the merits of others is a medicine.

Not complaining about hard work is medicine.

Concealing secret evil is a cure.

Being rich, giving to the poor is medicine.

Moving forward and upward, self-control is the remedy.

Being poor is not to be annoyed - that is the medicine.

Do not exaggerate your importance - this is a medicine.

Good for the success of others - this is the medicine.

Not to love secret self-interest is a medicine.

In both gains and losses, contemplating oneself is a medicine.

By secret virtue, to create mercy is a medicine.

Not to scold or vilify anything living is a medicine.

Not discussing other people is cure.

Kind words and kind speeches are medicine.

Blaming yourself for your troubles and illnesses is a medicine.

Not shying away from difficulty is the remedy.

Doing good not to hope for reward is medicine.

Not scolding pets is medicine.

To wish people their wishes come true is medicine.

Calming your heart by rushing to a monastery is a medicine.

By achieving serenity in the heart, tranquilizing the mind is medicine.

Not remembering the old evil is a cure.

Correcting delusion and getting rid of evil is medicine.

By listening to exhortations, striving to change is medicine.

Not interfering in other people's affairs is a medicine.

Restraining yourself in anger and irritation is medicine.

Dispelling the flow of thoughts and contemplation is a medicine.

Honoring old people is medicine.

And keeping a close watch on yourself behind a closed door is a cure.

Fostering filial piety and kindred love is medicine.

Eradicating evil and encouraging good is medicine.

To be content with fate in purity and honesty is the remedy.

Helping people stay faithful is medicine.

Helping during natural disasters is medicine.

Dealing with suspicion, getting rid of doubts is the medicine.

In serenity and peace, being kind and welcoming is medicine.

To honor and respect the texts of the sages is medicine.

Thinking about the divine and remembering the Way is a medicine.

Spreading wisdom is medicine.

Not paying attention to fatigue is a cure when doing something important.

To honor Heaven and respect Earth is medicine.

To show respect to the three luminaries is medicine.

Keeping the serenity of calm in the absence of aspiration is medicine.

Being kind, agreeable, humble, and compliant is medicine.

Not striving to accumulate wealth is medicine.

Not breaking the commandments and prohibitions is a medicine.

Honesty, unselfishness, faith and gullibility are medicine.

Not craving for wealth is medicine.

If the cart is empty, help the one who is loaded with medicine.

Criticizing directly while remaining faithful is the remedy.

To be glad that a person has Potency is a medicine.

Seeking to share with the disadvantaged is a medicine.

To carry a weight for an old man is a medicine.

Getting rid of emotions, giving up attachments is a medicine.

Being kind in heart and responsive in thought is medicine.

Seeking to encourage people to do good is medicine.

Having wealth, being merciful is medicine.

Taking advantage of a high position, doing good deeds is a medicine.

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Lao Jun says:

This is one hundred drugs. After all, a person's illness occurs in connection with mistakes and sins that he commits without realizing, not seeing the reason. And the reason lies in drinking, food, wind, cold, warmth, breathing-chi, which are the direct pathogens of the disease.

Due to the fact that a person breaks the rules, contradicts the truth, the spirit-shen comes to such a state when the soul-hun disappears, and the soul-no perishes. And when they are not in bodily form, the flesh and muscles become empty so that the semen and breath are not retained in them. Therefore, the external influences of wind, cold, sick breath-qi can affect the body.

Therefore, a man of wisdom, even while in the solitude of a hermit, does not dare to do unrighteousness, and while occupying great positions, he does not dare to strive for profit. He dresses according to the needs of the body, and eats according to the needs of the body.

Even being rich and noble, he does not dare to indulge his desires, and being poor and low, he does not dare to break the commandments. Therefore, from the outside, nothing harms him, and diseases do not arise inside.

So how can you not take this seriously?

Translation by B. Vinogrodsky

Photo: brokenchopstick flickr.com/brokenchopstick

From the book: Anthology of ancient Chinese esotericism. Vol. 1, p. 200-206.

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