How not to be a fat lazy pig and start living
How not to be a fat lazy pig and start living

Shortness of breath began to appear, my heart and joints ached. The sight was terrible. Then I vowed to find a way to get out of this situation.

I was 34 years old when I realized that I had turned into a fat lazy pig. Shortness of breath began to appear, my heart and joints ached. But the main motive to change my life is the fear after I saw my face in the photo in the company of friends. Then I vowed to find a way to get out of this situation.

I'm shoveling out of the hole

The first thing I did was look at myself from the side. The sight was terrible. In an apartment heaped with endless souvenirs stuck to walls and shelves; cluttered with furniture; stuffed with papers, books and things (for future use - suddenly it will be needed), a clumsy, overweight man was sitting. When this man walked into the kitchen, cramped by cabinets with dishes and unnecessary utensils, and opened the refrigerator filled with food, his hands trembled from weakness and chronic hunger. The general condition could be described as follows: panic and depression. I did not understand what was happening to me, I could not control my life. Everything around me was calling, tearing apart: posters on the walls - on vacation, which I couldn't go on because of my busy schedule; souvenirs, paintings and long-standing gifts, placed in the corners - at a time in which it is no longer possible to return; refrigerator - for eating and for subsequent rest. And the voices from the telephone receiver insisted that I crawl off the couch, crawl to the table and get to work.

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So here's what I did to avoid being torn apart. I turned off the phone. Then I set about destroying everything that called me to something, everything with which I was once connected. I took out souvenirs and mementos, unnecessary books and magazines in the trash heap, all things from the category of "suddenly needed"; threw half of the furniture out of the house; cleaned the kitchen not only of trash, but also of food and even of utensils, leaving only the essentials.

It was the craziest action of my life

A few days later I found myself in a clean, empty apartment with pristine white walls, outside the windows of which the February snow was just as pristine white. In the office there is a table and a work chair; in the bedroom - bed and linen closet.

In the empty kitchen, the white interior of the refrigerator opened in front of me, where there were only those products that were simple and understandable for understanding: milk, eggs, butter, meat, oranges. There is bread and wine in a white kitchen cabinet.

And a miracle happened. The boundaries that bound me were erased and the ties that bind me were cut off. Before, when I went out into the street, a mysterious magnet pulled me back into my "hole". Now my empty house was letting go of me, and I just wandered through the snow-covered streets. There was no talk of sports yet. But the important thing was that suddenly I became completely free!

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How to learn parkour or freerunning?

And at home, a flat surface of a writing table was waiting for me, on which lay only the essentials. As I conjured up a clean desktop and a white sheet of paper on its surface, I gradually began to understand what the most important document in my life I needed to draw up.

I decided to develop and sign a contract with myself on favorable terms for myself.

That's what I did

1. Work

From now on, I undertake only what is clear and understandable to me. Let me be fired, but I resolutely refuse to do what infuriates me internally. I don't want to live in a rage.

2. Street

Since I have to (like many here) work “24 hours a day,” I assign myself a reward for going out. And not for two hours once a day, but like this: I did something sensible - I got up and left. For at least five minutes, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if I work at home or in the office. Not a single office now has such fierce laws that a person cannot go out into the street. And not for a smoke break, but on the street!

3. Smoking

From now on, I do not smoke anywhere, especially at my desk. The smoking area at home is a balcony. A very uncomfortable place in winter; and this is a plus: you won't stay there for a long time. A cigarette will also be a reward: for having worked and then walking down the street. It is in this sequence: work - street - cigarette. As a result, a pack a day dropped to five cigarettes: returning from the street, I rushed to my desk, forgetting about smoking.

A new generation of weaklings. How to get stronger physically?
A new generation of weaklings. How to get stronger physically?

4. Food

In no case do I pester myself with hunger, but I share a clear line between the words eat and eat. I eat only food that I understand. That is, I replace the huge cheburek with something unknown and from nowhere with something simple, natural, pure, close to nature. But the close to nature salad "from tuna with crabs, potatoes, mayonnaise, pineapples, apples, eggs, chicken and green peas" I replace with something from this list - eclecticism is difficult to perceive. I'll make a reservation right away: we are not talking about meager food, but about making the food on the plate easy to perceive.

5. Alcohol

From this day on, it is not food, but medicine. The medicine helps if it is dosed in a certain way. And in fact: beer washes the body, cognac dilates blood vessels, wine relieves stress. But only in reasonable, deliberate doses.

6. I am in the future

I put in a prominent place a photograph of myself in five years, which I look at and which I look up to. It could be Brad Pitt or someone I admire; but according to the contract, it's me in five years. You may laugh, but the body in some incomprehensible way reads the matrix from my ideal, applying it to itself.

7. Me and my loved ones

I promise not to involve myself in my exciting game, but by my personal example I will show that the way I live is useful and interesting to live. Do not suck in because our biorhythms may not match. We agreed from the very beginning: the wife goes out into the street when it is convenient for her; I go out when it is convenient for me. If our walks coincide, this is great happiness. But in no case should you stand at the door and whine: “Maybe you will go? Look how great it is! " The same applies to a joint meal - this is the most piquant point in family relationships: “How ?! Won't you eat my pie ?! You do not love me and you have never loved me! " From the very beginning, we decided: no action "for the company". Together only if our desires coincide.

I hate my body and face
I hate my body and face

Six months later, among people like me, pot-bellied, I was known as a "non-companionable" person, because I did not drink, did not smoke and did not visit bars "for company." At the same time, I began to work very productively, and on the street there was enough energy to run a couple of meters. It was then that I met the very athletes who shouted: "Man, if you want to run, buy sneakers!"

And I went to get the sneakers.

How not to be a fat lazy pig and start living
How not to be a fat lazy pig and start living

In this photo I am 52 years old. I am not saying this in order to get more comments on the topic “what a fine fellow I am”, but because there are no such words - “I'm already for …”, “it's too late to drink Borjomi” or “all is lost”. The main thing is to want and … get high from life.

The moral of this story is simple: everything that surrounds us is also inside us, in our soul. Chaos around us creates chaos inside our body. Our body cannot function properly in chaos.

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