10 tips for optimism
10 tips for optimism

Ten tips from Australian Wright. What can a person say, life can end at any moment? 10 tips for optimism.

Australian cancer patient Denise Wright, having already survived several supposed "death dates", decided to systematize his thoughts in the form of "ten tips from a dying man," according to newsru.com, citing News.com.au.

Wright recently celebrated his 66th birthday, but since 2009, when he was diagnosed with glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain tumor, he has plunged into deep thoughts about his past life many times. Life, however, did not end there: after the news of the formidable diagnosis, a woman married him who loves him and cares about him. And in the future, it turned out more than once that doctors were often mistaken in their negative predictions about how much more time was allotted to the patient. But the valuable conclusions he made remained with him.

Currently, Wright does not know how much is left for him; his life could end at any moment. Since the moment of his illness, he has been blogging called "My Intruder", where he describes many of the events taking place with him. He writes about health problems, that he prefers to call a person rather than write him letters ("it's too slow"), how he underestimated the importance of the wedding for himself (jokes that thanks to her you can get a lot of valuable gifts).

Whiners around you. People are comfortable in the ass
Whiners around you. People are comfortable in the ass

However, Wright sent his life lessons for all 66 years that he lived to the editors of the site in writing, since his vocal cords already leave much to be desired. So, here are ten tips that Wright gives as a result of his reflections in the face of the threat of an inevitable end:

1. Don't waste your life doing work you hate. Life is too short to live only in the evening and on weekends.

2. If something bad happens in your life that you cannot cope with, try to adapt to it. Banging your head against the wall is useless.

3. If it seems to you that you can change something, try to do it, approach from different sides. Try to understand the essence of the problem, and then you will understand what can be done about it.

4. There are no "good" and "bad" decisions. If you did something that you think is wrong, learn from this lesson so that you can do it right next time. You don't know how things can ultimately turn out, and sitting and grieving is a waste of time.

5. Don't regret the past - you can't change it anyway. Live now. But not for one thing - it's too short. Now is a small period of time, which includes a little of the past, a little of the future and the present itself.

6. Ask forgiveness from someone you think you may have hurt. You are not perfect, don't even try to pretend, just accept responsibility for someone's suffering.

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7. Be open to different ideas as much as possible. Don't rule out other possibilities for yourself.

8. Try to never lose your sense of humor, although this, of course, is not always possible.

9. Carpe Diem … In other words, seize the moment!

And the last tip:

10. Don't be afraid of death. If you are not afraid of death, then you will not be afraid of anything at all that your life can "throw out".

Denis Wright's blog, which has been visited by more than 250,000 people around the world, will be archived by the National Library of Australia and posted online for permanent access.

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