Financial rules
Financial rules

How to spend money, control finances, plan a budget, make investments? You can be happy and rich now.

Rule # 1. Appreciate yourself.

Strive to increase your income all the time. Tell yourself you are worth more. If your current job is no longer satisfying you financially, tune in to find a new one. Or find extra income.

Rule # 2. Don't invest in something you don't understand

First, figure out how it works (business, securities, deal). After all, even with a successful outcome of the case, you can miss a part of the profit. And what will happen in case of failure, all the more you have to imagine.

Rule # 3. Don't trust empty promises

You must understand that the more money you can earn, the more you need to risk. Moreover, the risk is justified if you invest in investments that will bring you dividends in the future. If you spend money on something that will not bring you income, then there is no point in taking risks.

Rule number 4. Learn to control your finances

Most people by the end of the month do not remember where they spent 30-50% of their income! Therefore, an important component of the correct handling of money is to control your income and expenses. That is, carefully write down your expenses and planned income, and do an analysis at the end of each month.

Habits that make a person poorer
Habits that make a person poorer

Rule number 5. Plan your personal (family) budget in advance

Keep in mind that on New Year's Eve you need to buy a bunch of gifts, in October you need to put on winter tires, in the spring you need to visit a dentist, and in the summer you need to go to rest.

Rule # 6. Save some of the money you earn regularly

However, it is possible to enjoy the accumulation of money, because the more time passes, the larger the amount is saved. Thus, the bank account grows, and this not only warms the soul, but also gives self-confidence. It is optimal to set aside 10-20% of your monthly income, and you will not even notice the absence of this money. So you can save up for large purchases, travel, or simply have a constantly replenished bank account, relying on the saying "money is attracted to money."

Rule # 7. Don't go into debt

Try not to get into debt, especially large ones. Never spend money set aside for life, or the same 10%, in this case you risk being left with nothing at all. Never invest other people's money if you have nothing to pay off in case of loss of this money.

Rule # 8. Invest money in yourself

If you want to be successful, you need to constantly develop. Attend seminars and trainings, enroll in refresher courses. The more you cost, the more you deserve.

Rule # 9. Don't chase ideals

Many people want to have huge houses, luxury cars, yachts, CEO positions, or own a business imposed by advertisements and glossy magazines. And the constant race for status does not allow them to be happy right now.

How do people manage to do everything?
How do people manage to do everything?

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