Principles of financial stability
Principles of financial stability

In the end, it may be a good thing that money is a catalyst for success. Success and money comes when you follow the basic rules. 1. First of all, decide what money means to you.

2. Make a list of your desires (find 10 reasons why you want to get rich). Choose from them three main ones.

3. Use the support of the subconscious: "Box for a dream" and "Album for a dream."

4. High income alone does not solve all our money problems!

5. Nothing should distract you from your own plans and ideas. Learn to present yourself as rich.

6. Not everything and will not always be easy. There will be those who will dissuade you from achieving your goals. Sometimes it will even be friends and family members. Use remedies that will keep you on track.

7. We usually quickly forget about our successes and focus on our failures. This is wrong, you must always remember about your achievements - they give us strength to take new frontiers.

8. Make your profession your favorite pastime, and due to this, your income will increase even more.

9. There are important matters and urgent matters. Learn to distinguish between them. Don't be distracted by good ideas.

10. Use the most important rule of implementation of any plans - the rule of 72 hours.

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11. You can make a lot of money playfully.

12. Four main rules of debt relief: break credit cards; negotiate the lowest loan payments; of all free money to save 50%, and another 50 - to use to pay back consumer debts; put a note in your wallet asking, "Do you really need this?"

13. Learn to manage money. Don't forget the story of the goose that lays the golden eggs.

14. Interacting with a bank can be fun.

15. By earning money, you will make your life more interesting.

Principles of financial stability
Principles of financial stability

16. Money is great! Store cash in a safe.

17. Money itself is "neutral", but closely related to happiness.

18. Share What You Get!

19. Learn to overcome fears.

20. One of the main ways to increase money is an investment club. Five rules to guarantee the success of his work:

- meetings once a month;

- attendance is strictly required; -

- everyone contributes in cash;

- money is not withdrawn from the general fund;

- all decisions are made collectively.

21. The magic formula that allows you to get money from nothing: love of money and the desire to earn; self-confidence, ideas and willingness to do what you like; distribution of money for daily expenses, long-term plans and for the "goose"; competent investment of money; pleasure from this whole process.

22. The three most important rules for investing money:

- the attachment must be reliable, - generate income, - money should be easy to manage.

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23. Find out what shares are and what income they give (exchange rate income and dividends). Decide for yourself whether you should invest in stocks.

24. Leave your comfort zone from time to time and do what you fear.

25. Determine for yourself the optimal form and strategy of investment. 12% per annum is already good!

26. Investment funds are reliable and provide good returns. There are three criteria for choosing a reliable fund:

- he must work for at least ten years and achieve high profits;

- it must be a large international equity fund;

- this fund must have a high rating.

27. Investing in funds is easy.

28. The money in the fund grows according to the law of compound interest.

29. Weigh the ratio of risk to expected return.

30. Calculate the percentages in your head - it's easy!

31. It is necessary to make a profit even when the rate suddenly falls.

32. Find out what you need to know to make high returns in funds.

33. Find out how inflation can affect your savings. Learn to invest so that inflation becomes your best friend.

34. Money affects all areas of our life. Pay more attention to them - and your life will change.

35. Life is too short not to attach importance to it!

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