Luck rules
Luck rules

Luck will be on the side of those who are ready for it. How to seize a chance, take cues, turn failure into success? Luck depends only on us. 1. Don't miss the chance

Chances certainly fall out in life, the main thing is to see them in time! And such chances will fall out more than once in a lifetime. Fate is constantly trying to provide us with some opportunities, whether we see them or not, depends only on us.

Luck rules:

Observe the signs for good luck, which will allow you to never remain in poverty and unhappiness.

It's very easy for me to make a new acquaintance. Wherever I am, I always meet interesting people.

I do not worry about my life, as it is always safe

I am always ready for experiments, I easily accept everything new and unknown.

2. Catch the signals of good luck

Lucky ones usually always listen to their inner voice. He tells them the most correct decisions, thanks to which they manage to avoid trouble.

Luck rules:

I trust my intuition.

To improve my intuition, I sometimes use special techniques.

3. Get ready to meet good luck

Lucky people believe that they will be lucky one day. They are positive, do not weaken their faith, so as a result, luck really visits them.

Luck rules:

I have no doubt that my future is great and everything will be great for me.

Among my circle there are only positive people and good friends.

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4. Turn failure into success

Those who are fortunate also sometimes fail. But, these people know how to learn a lesson from their failures.

Luck rules:

Each event is a kind of experience, whether positive or negative - it doesn't matter.

Every negative event is a lesson.

I don't dwell on troubles for long.

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