The psychology of poverty
The psychology of poverty

Do you want to become a wealthy and wealthy person? Then you will have to radically change psychological attitudes and learn to make the right decisions.

Each of us has what he deserves in life. The financial viability of a person is also subject to this philosophy. Professing the psychology of poverty, it is impossible to become successful. Interesting fact. Sociologists have found that poor people tend to avoid high-paying jobs. Fear of big money and responsibility are the main reasons for refusing a profitable job. Do you want to become a wealthy person? Then you will have to change psychological attitudes and be able to make responsible decisions.

Typical reasons for behavior that prevent a person from becoming wealthy:

1) Let it be a low-paid, but stable job

A person with a poor mentality, as a rule, chooses a low-paid but stable job. In government agencies. Because the state will always provide. And if you go to a commercial organization, then there are risks of staying on the street after a while.

A person absolutely does not believe in his own strength and in the fact that his experience and knowledge will be in demand. In the end, this is what happens. Goes to tedious, boring work, stops learning new things, turns sour and becomes useless to anyone. Instead of growing and developing.

2) Fear of change

Again, for a reason to remain useless, a person with a poor mentality is afraid of change. The motto is - it is better to have a little than to risk and possibly lose everything. People with the psychology of poverty will never open their own business, will not develop new market segments, will not go to get a second higher education at 40 and will never move to another city in search of a new life at 50!

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3) Low self-esteem

A characteristic feature of people with the psychology of poverty. And where does high self-esteem come from, if a person does not live, but vegetates - a gray, uninteresting job, which is also scary to lose, the absence of vivid impressions in life, a change of places and reasonable risks. These are the factors that make you respect yourself for your work and opportunities.

A person with the psychology of a poor man does not understand that wealth and good prospects are revealed to active people who are not afraid to take risks and start all over again.

4) unwillingness to be active

Obviously, in order to achieve something and get a good result, you need to constantly make efforts in this direction. For example, consider offers for an interesting and highly paid job with a wider range of responsibilities than in the previous place. And thus, grow all the time.

A person with the psychology of poverty does not want and does not know how (because he has never tried) to be active - he is afraid to look for a new job, because he thinks in advance that he will not cope, does not earn extra money, because he is sure that nothing will work out and money is all the same will not. Man is passive, and therefore poor.

5) Everyone should

A person with the mentality of a poor man is convinced that he should be adequately paid. Simply because he does his job well. And his salary should be such that there is enough for everyday life, and for recreation, and for children, and for himself. At the same time forgetting that he himself agreed to work with low pay. And now he blames the stingy chef.

Lagged behind life? What if you are behind the times?
Lagged behind life? What if you are behind the times?

A person shifts responsibility from himself to others. What's the point of moving if nothing depends on me anyway? Do - do not do, but the result is the same - I will not get anything.

6) It's easier to be frugal

Poor people spend their energy not on attracting, but on keeping. They spend hours shopping, comparing prices and shopping where it is cheaper. They write and go to various authorities, seeking a meager reduction in utility bills or one-time social assistance, which is hardly enough for one trip to the store. Instead of effectively spending these same efforts on earning money or finding a good job.

Take a closer look at yourself. Do you have at least one of the listed qualities? And get rid of it urgently if something similar appears. To do this, take note of a few postulates of the "psychology of wealth"

The psychology of poverty
The psychology of poverty

- You need to work with a twinkle. American scientists have come to the conclusion: if you love what you do, then your skills, ability and mental activity are activated. At the same time, you feel like a happy person. If you pay your manager's attention to your successful performance, you will get a decent addition to your salary.

- Understand wealth more broadly. Psychologists believe that people who strive not only for material wealth, but also for mental, emotional, are the most successful in life. Therefore, it is necessary to develop in all directions.

How to love yourself and increase your self-esteem?
How to love yourself and increase your self-esteem?

- Don't be afraid to be wrong. Life itself has proven that it is better to make a mistake a hundred times, but move forward than to stand still. The more purposeful a person is, the higher his well-being. Success awaits only those who actively strive for it, working on themselves.

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