Cold hands and feet?
Cold hands and feet?

Constantly cold hands and feet, and you dress warmer than those around you? It's time to fight this! It may take time, but the results will be worth it.

Constantly cold hands and feet? Do you dress warmer than those around you? Do you often have chills? These are all signs of an energy leak. We are not talking about any energy vampires now. The fact is that your muscles involuntarily tense and block the blood flow to certain parts of the body. And the energy flows into maintaining the tension.

Everything is simple and straightforward. If the hands and feet are always cold and wet, this means that there is tension higher in the muscles of the arm or leg, respectively. And this tension is so old that it has become chronic, habitual and imperceptible.

Cold extremities - Energy is wasted to maintain tension in the shoulder, hip, or any joint. And, accordingly, it does not reach the brushes.

Frequent chills - if there are no viral diseases, then the energy flows from the skin deep into the body. A sign of background fear, a desire to escape from the outside world.

Is there any way to remedy the situation?

Of course. You just need to add a little emphasis.

1) If the limbs are cold, then the following practice will be quite enough for you:

- Give yourself 15 minutes of attention. During your lunch break or in the evening. So that no one bothers you.

- Sit or lie down comfortably

- Comfortable? Now make yourself comfortable. So that the whole body is relaxed.

- Choose one limb. With which you will work - one arm or one leg. (Let's say it will be the right hand)

- And now move your attention to the brush. And ask yourself the question - "How do I feel there?"

- Pass your attention along the surface of each finger, inside and back (outside) side.

- Now go deep inside the arm - into the muscle tissue. Feelings may vary slightly.

- If you feel tension in some place, just relax it.

- Continue to explore the sensations in the hand.

- Now move your attention higher - to the forearm (between the wrist and the elbow). And again, go your attention to the surface and muscles, relaxing tensions.

- Climb higher in the shoulder.

- And now in the neck.

- And now in the opposite direction - from the neck to the palm.

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Are you finished? Now compare the sensations in your left hand and right hand. There is a difference? Is your right hand warmer? I can congratulate you - the practice was a success. Move to the other hand.

On the leg, we move with attention from the foot to the lower back and back.

15 minutes a day, and after a week you will not recognize your body.

2) If the chill is constant, then you need to do the above exercise all over your body. Of course, it can take time, but the result is worth it.

Good luck!

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