Why you should stop reading the news
Why you should stop reading the news

Quitting the news is much more difficult than quitting smoking or drinking beer. But it's worth it. Just try not to read them for at least one week and you yourself will understand the difference.

A list of reasons published on the Guardian news site:

News is misleading

Not only can they be deliberately deceitful, but also their proportions do not reflect reality: some topics are overestimated, others are underestimated.

News is useless specifically for you

People think that by consuming news, they get an advantage (knowledge is power), but in reality they only stuff their heads with useless facts. News does not influence your important decisions (unless of course you are a stockbroker).

News does not reveal reasons

They are just bursting bubbles on the surface, in the depths of which their causes are hidden. Looking at these bubbles, one cannot find out what exactly gave rise to them.

News is bad for your health

Hysterical notes stimulate an inappropriate release of cortisol, which upregulates the immune system and suppresses growth hormones.

News is the cause of cognitive errors

As Warren Buffett said: "A person tends to interpret new information in such a way that it does not conflict with the existing one." Often, this interpretation makes the information untrue.

News suppresses thinking

Thinking requires concentration for a while. News is deliberately made in such a way as to distract.

Household hobbies that generate income
Household hobbies that generate income

News is addictive

Having learned the plot, we want to know the ending of the story, and for this we need to continue reading the news.

News eats up time

15 minutes in the morning, 15 at lunchtime, 15 before bed and another 15 during work to distract yourself. If you count the total time spent reading, the associated distraction and refocusing of attention, it turns out that news eats up half of the day every week.

News makes us passive

Most of them describe events that we cannot influence. This gives the impression that we cannot influence anything at all.

Well, considering all of the above, news hurts creativity.

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