How to use difficulties for your own purposes
How to use difficulties for your own purposes

Difficulties not only complicate our life and put obstacles to us, but also provide a sea of opportunities. How can difficulties help? How to use difficulties for your own purposes?

1. Difficulties give us perspective. Once you get out of a difficult situation, such as a life-threatening illness, a blown tire, or a leaking ceiling, you’re more comfortable with situations like this. You are able to rise above the minor annoyances of everyday life and focus your attention on the things that really matter to you.

2. Difficulty teaches us to be grateful. Because of problems and difficulties, especially those associated with the loss or deprivation of something, you begin to appreciate more aspects of your life. It's corny, but true: sometimes we don't value something until we lose it. If you don't have hot water, you appreciate it especially. Only at the moment when we are sick, we understand what it means to be healthy. The wise person constantly experiences a sense of gratitude, even in the movement of losses and losses. Remember, we are constantly moving in the direction of our dominant thoughts; thus, by focusing on what you are grateful for, you will receive even more reward.

3. Difficulties reveal our potential. Once you have been able to survive in harsh circumstances by overcoming an obstacle, you become emotionally stronger. Life has tested you, and you were worthy of the experience. When another problem arises, you are better equipped to deal with it. Problems can bring out better qualities - we discover abilities in ourselves that we didn't even know about. Many of us would never have known what talents they have if it weren't for the troubles in our path. Difficulties reveal your own strengths and opportunities and encourage you to develop those qualities further.

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Most people are strongly attached to old, familiar rules, even though they don't make their lives better. Sometimes, in order to change something in life, a crisis or a whole series of problems is required. Problems are often the way life tells you that you are off the road and that your course needs adjustment.

5. Difficulties teach us valuable lessons … Consider an example of a failed business project: An entrepreneur can learn new things so that he can be successful in the next business.

6. Difficulties open new doors. Some relationships end and others begin, more satisfying. You lose your job and find better. In this case, the “problem” is not a problem at all, but rather an opportunity that is not visible at first glance. One door in your life has closed, but another, better one, is waiting for you to open it.

7. Difficulty builds confidence and self-esteem.… When you use all your abilities to overcome an obstacle, you will feel more confident and competent. Your self-esteem rises, later you transfer it to other activities.

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