Secret store tricks
Secret store tricks

You entered a coffee shop, and there are two promotions: the first offers an additional 33% coffee, the second - a 33% discount on a standard cup of coffee. Which promotion is more profitable? Most likely, you will say - they are equally beneficial. And many will also say. But let's take a closer look. Let's say coffee costs $ 2 for 200 ml ($ 1 for 100 ml). Under the terms of the first promotion, you will receive 266 ml for $ 2, i.e. pay $ 0.75 for 100ml. Under the terms of the second promotion, you will receive 200 ml for $ 1.34, i.e. pay $ 0.67 for 100ml. The second promotion is more profitable!

BUT! It is much more pleasant for the buyer to get something extra for the same price than to get a discount.

1. Our perception depends on the price we saw first

You walk into a store and see a $ 1000 designer bag. "Thing bucks for some bag ??". You will be incredibly outraged. Moving on, you see a great $ 300 watch. It is expensive! The watch can be cheaper! But it seems to you that this is a completely normal price, because you are comparing it with the first one you saw.

2. We are afraid of extremes

The following study was conducted: 2 types of beer were displayed on the counter in the store. "Premium" for $ 2,5 and beer labeled "Bargain" for $ 1. 8. About 80% of buyers chose more expensive beer. Then another type of beer with the price tag “Super-Bargain” was placed at the price of $ 1. 6. Now 80% of buyers chose beer for $ 1.8, and the rest - for $ 2. 5. Nobody took the cheapest beer.

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3. We love stories

Place a $ 429 bread maker next to the $ 279 bread maker in the store. Their parameters should differ very slightly. Sales of cheaper bread baking machines will significantly increase, an expensive one is unlikely to be bought by anyone (perhaps a couple of people). This happens because we do not feel the real value of things, and it seems that we are buying very cheaply. And then you can say: “Imagine, I bought a bread maker for only $ 279! And there it was almost the same, but for $ 429! And what a fool would buy it! " Good story.

4. We do what we are told

An experiment was conducted at the school. Fruits and salads were displayed on the backlit counter like candy or other sweets, and this technique made the children eat more salads and fruits. It also applies to adults.

5. We commit rash acts under the influence of alcohol, fatigue and other factors

When a person is drinking, tired or under stress, he greatly simplifies the inner questions that accompany the purchase. It can be compared to dating in a bar.

6. The magic of number 9

We all know this trick: for only $ 1.99. It's the same as $ 2! We understand this, but the magic of the number 9 continues to work, and we take something that is not very necessary and only because it beckons us with a discount. Be incorruptible! Don't tell yourself - this thing costs a little more than a dollar! Remember, she's worth all two!

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