Flagship smartphones? No, I can’t be silent
Flagship smartphones? No, I can’t be silent

Stop calling these pathetic evening toys flagship smartphones. Do not encourage these inept people to make smartphones thinner and bigger screens.

Samsung's new flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S IV, has been unveiled. Now its thickness is 7.9 mm, versus 8.9 mm for the Galaxy S III. Got thinner. Due to the larger screen and the new processor, the battery capacity of the Galaxy S IV has been increased to 2600 mAh (up from 2100 mAh). Aren't you crazy there?

YES WE DO NOT NEED A THINNER SMARTPHONE! Finally, insert a normal battery there to plow for days! Let it be the thickest smartphone in the world, but so that it can really be used.

And what is the fifth iPhone? What's that wretched 1400mAh battery?

Yes, yes, I know how apple fans make fun of androidophans, tk. allegedly their iPhone works twenty minutes longer than android machines. YES I DO NOT NEED A DIFFERENCE IN A FEW MINUTES, I WANT THAT THE DIFFERENCE TO BE MEASURED DAYS!

Let's go further. Sony Xperia Z - 2330 mAh.

Nokia Lumia 720 - 2000 mAh.

Continue further?

Flagship smartphones? No, I can’t be silent
Flagship smartphones? No, I can’t be silent

And what do I read in all the so-called technical news portals? Dozens of experts write in all seriousness that it is controlled there with the eyes, here with gloves, here, excuse me, with the ass. But what should I manage there, if by the evening all these flagships are dead and just waiting to reach the outlet or recharge.

My dream is that all reviews of all these supposedly flagship novelties would start like this: “Samsung, Sony, Apple, HTC, LG, Nokia… (emphasize the right one) presented another sloppy smartphone that can't last until the evening. Here are the differences between the new sludge and the previous ones … ".

Yes, yes, yes, I know, now a crowd will come running and start talking to me while waiting. YES IF I NEEDED WAITING TIME, WHY WOULD I TAKE THE SMARTPHONE? I would buy a phone like this one that only has a round trip function.

Finally, insert large battery coffins into smartphones.

What kind of nonsense is this going - to carry additional accumulators for smartphones with you? Can we make smartphones ourselves with batteries?

I don’t want to call anything a smartphone that doesn’t work for several days. WORKS, you know ??? !!! Works, not in your pocket. And I don’t need to talk about optimizing the operating system, power saving modes and other dregs. I take a smartphone to hang on social networks, catch all possible Wi-Fi networks that I just come across, to be in the zone and GPS and GLONASS and everything I want to play, call, WATCH ON THE PHONE, PANCAKE, SERIES, A NOT SHORT FILMS !!!! take pictures, shoot on video, conduct long hours, if I want, video broadcasts. FOR THIS IS A SMARTPHONE AND I BUY!

Anything less than 8000 mAh is not a smartphone. Anything that does not work for several days (WORKS! A FEW! DAYS!) Is not a smartphone. A flagship smartphone is a smartphone that plows for a week. Point.

Perhaps the Finn from Nokia will not understand me - nothing happens in the life of a Finn. Perhaps the Japanese from Sony will not understand me - he has sockets at every turn. Perhaps the American from Apple will not understand me - he lives in the car. Perhaps, a Korean from Samsung will not understand me - he has five minutes walk to his house - the country is small. BUT IN RUSSIA I MUST UNDERSTAND !!!

I want to get on the Moscow-Vladivostok train and not think about charging. I want to spend the night in a traffic jam on the Moscow Ring Road and know that I will be in touch. I want to go to Chelyabinsk and take a photo of a meteorite! I want to be detained at the Pulkovo airport just because I took a photo of the hall, and I could be tweeting from the police department. I want that after I was beaten in the elections in Uzlovaya, my smartphone still had a charge to call the hospital. THIS IS RUSSIA - THIS IS NOT TO SURVIVE WITHOUT A NORMAL SMARTPHONE!

Stop, stop calling these pathetic evening toys flagship smartphones forever. Do not encourage these inept people to make smartphones thinner and bigger screens. Make them finally make at least one - even the thickest smartphone in the world, but which would work for at least a week! This and only such a smartphone, I can call the flagship.

Sorry for crying from the heart, but how long you can scoff at the people.

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