How to make a billion?
How to make a billion?

Do you want to have a billion and a beautiful girlfriend - a model? Listen to the advice of American businessman Donald Trump. How to succeed and make a billion?

Donald Trump owned billions, lost his entire fortune in the 1980s, but soon became rich again. Now his capital is estimated at $ 3 billion.

Donald Trump, based on his own life experience, gives aspiring businessmen advice on how to make their first billion:

How to make a billion?

1. Dress according to your social and cultural status

Over the years, Trump has learned that wearing cheap clothes is absolutely wrong. You can, of course, buy something inexpensive (after all, no one will know the price), but this something will look exactly as much as paid for it.

“Clothes say a lot about us even before we open our mouths,” explains Donald.

Always remember one simple rule: dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

2. Provoke others

A good way to appreciate those at the negotiating table with you is to use provocative, thoughtful phrases. By the reaction of the interlocutor, you can easily understand what he is.

The worst thing a business turner can do is let his partners feel how much he wants it.

3. Become your own financial expert

How to respond to setbacks? How to emerge as a winner?
How to respond to setbacks? How to emerge as a winner?

Trump believes that it is not worth hiring financial consultants, as there are many cases where these "professionals" have led to the collapse. Better to learn by yourself by reading the information on the pages of business magazines.

4. Be able to stand up for yourself

"An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth," says the Old Testament. If you are under pressure, respond in kind; if they insult you, attack. Do not trust anyone, even your closest friend - he can encroach on your wife and money at any time.

5. Take care of your hair

The billionaire is often criticized for combing his hair often, but he himself considers it very important.

6. Avoid shaking hands

Shaking hands firmly can lead to infections. You need to avoid them, because you need good health!

7. Listen to your intuition and obey your instincts

No matter how many degrees you have, try to listen to your inner voice. There are often subtle signs of whether or not you need to make a deal and meet certain people.

8. Be optimistic and ready to fail

You need to constantly remain optimistic, but at the same time be prepared for any problems and falls. This will save your inner energy and save you from unpleasant surprises.

9. Pay attention to details

It is important to remember in detail all events, words and deeds - ignorance of these aspects also dooms you to unpleasant surprises.

Change jobs or not?
Change jobs or not?

10. Make marriage contracts

Sometimes feelings overshadow the mind and it seems that with this person you will always be together, and that you do not need a marriage contract. But Donald Trump warns against thinking that way. A marriage contract is always needed, otherwise you will easily lose what you have been striving for for years. Donald Trump explains that if he had not followed all this advice, it would not have been written by a billionaire, but by a person who has lost a lot."

11. Be humble and safeguard cruelty

Be humble, disarming, and play down your merits and accomplishments. Save your cruelty and your ability to be formidable when you really need it.

12. Realize your chosenness

To succeed, you need to separate yourself from 98 percent of the world's population. You can certainly get into that select two percent. Cleverness, hard work or carefully considered investments have nothing to do with it. There is a recipe, a formula for success that the top two percent live by and which you too can follow in order to succeed.

13. Love today

Any "good times" are always the result of your hard work and constant dedication in the past. What you do today is the key to tomorrow's results. If you want to reap the benefits tomorrow, plant the seeds every day! If you relax your concentration even for a minute, you will inevitably begin to roll back.

Tried it but it doesn't work. It's not enough to fight, you have to win
Tried it but it doesn't work. It's not enough to fight, you have to win
How to make a billion
How to make a billion

Donald Trump and his wife, Slovenian fashion model Melania Trump.

14. The world is cruel and you must be able to defend yourself

We only seem civilized to ourselves. In fact, the world is cruel, and people are ruthless. They may smile at you, but behind the smiles there is a desire to finish you off. Jungle predators kill for food - and only humans kill for fun. Even friends are happy to stab you in the back: they need your job, your house, your money, your wife - and your dog, after all. Enemies are even worse! You must be able to defend yourself. My motto is: "Hire the best - and don't trust them in anything."

15. Understand finance and business

Finance and business are dangerous waters in which voracious sharks walk in circles in search of prey. In this game, knowledge is the key to strength and power. Spend your money knowing what you are doing. Otherwise, someone will very quickly "hit" you. Financial illiteracy is a huge problem. People constantly run into dangerous situations just because they haven't prepared properly.

16. Love what you do

For billionaires, work and pleasure are the same thing.

17. Be cocky in business

In business, it's better to be cocky, even cocky, than tough and intractable.

18. Realize your ego

Show me a man without an ego, and I will show you a loser.

Causes of bad mood
Causes of bad mood

19. Keep it simple

Typically, the simplest approach is the most effective.

20. Break up illusions

The only way to get rich is through realism and utmost honesty. You need to part with the world of illusion, which exists only on the pages of magazines and on TV screens. Everything is not as easy as you are assured. Life is tough and people get very seriously injured. Therefore, if you want to win, you need to be strong as flint and ready to work with your elbows and fists.

Donald Trump "How to Get Rich"

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