100 Russian books to read
100 Russian books to read

There are many recommended reading lists: according to the Daily Telegraph, according to the BBC. 100 Russian books for independent reading.

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation has compiled a list of one hundred books recommended to schoolchildren for independent reading.

100 Russian books to read

1. Adamovich A., Granin D. Book of Siege

2. Aitmatov Ch. And the day lasts longer than a century / White steamer

3. Aksenov V. Star ticket / Crimea Island

4. Aleksin A. My brother plays the clarinet

5. Arsenyev V. DersuUzala

6. Astafiev V. Shepherd and shepherdess / Tsar-fish

7. Babel I. Odessa stories / Cavalry

8. Bazhov P. Ural tales

9. Belykh L., Panteleev L. Republic of Shkid

10. Bogomolov V. Moment of Truth (In August forty-fourth)

11. Bondarev Yu. Battalions ask for fire / Hot snow

12. Bokhanov A. Emperor Alexander III

13. Bulgakov M. White Guard

14. Bulychev K. The Adventures of Alice

100 Russian books to read
100 Russian books to read

15. Bunin I. Dark alleys

16. Bykov V. It Doesn't Hurt the Dead / Sotnikov

17. Vasiliev B. And the dawns here are quiet … / Not on the lists

18. Vernadsky G. Inscription of Russian history

19. Volkov A. Wizard of the Emerald City

20. Gaidar A. Timur and his team / Blue Cup / Chuk and Gek

21. Gamzatov R. My Dagestan / Poems

22. Gilyarovsky V. Moscow and Muscovites

23. Goncharov I. Ordinary history

24. Goryanin A. Russia. Success story (in 2 books)

25. Green A. Scarlet sails / Running on the waves

26. Gumilev L. From Russia to Russia

27. Gumilev N. Poems

28. Denikin A. Essays on Russian Troubles

29. Jalil M. Moabit Notebook

30. Dovlatov S. Zone / Suitcase / Reserve / Stories

31. Dostoevsky F. Idiot

32. Dragunsky V. Deniskin stories

33. Dudintsev V. White clothes

34. Dumbadze N. I, grandmother, Iliko and Illarion

35. Ibragimbekov M. And there was no better brother

36. Ilyin I. About Russia. Three speeches

37. Ilf I., Petrov E. Twelve chairs / Golden calf2

100 Russian books to read
100 Russian books to read

38. Ishimova A. History of Russia in stories for children

39. Iskander F. Sandro from Chegem

40. Kaverin V. Two captains / Open book

41. Kassil L. Get ready, Your Highness! / Conduit and Schwambrania

42. Kataev V. Lonely sail whitens

43. Kondratyev V. Sashka

44. Konchalovskaya N. Our ancient capital

45. Krapivin V. Boy with a sword

46. Kuzmin V. Treasure of the Narts: From the Kabardian and Balkarian Legends of the Nart Heroes

47. Kuprin A. Duel / Garnet bracelet

48. Lagin L. Old Man Hottabych

49. Leskov N. The Enchanted Wanderer

50. Likhachev D. "The Word about Igor's Regiment" and the culture of his time / Thoughts about Russia / Stories from Russian chronicles.

51. Lotman Y. Conversations about Russian culture / Roman A. S. Pushkin's "Eugene Onegin". A comment

52. Nabokov V. Dar / Protection of Luzhin / Invitation to execution

53. Nekrasov V. In the trenches of Stalingrad

54. Nosov N. Adventures of Dunno / Dunno on the Moon / Living Hat / Mishkina's porridge

55. Obruchev V. Sannikov Land

56. Olesha Y. Three fat men

57. Ostrovsky N. How steel was tempered

58. Paustovsky K. The Story of Life / Meshcherskaya Side

59. Pikul V. Requiem for the caravan PQ-17 / Miniatures

60. Pristavkin A. A golden cloud spent the night

61. Petrushevskaya L. Stories and stories

62. Polevoy B. The Story of a Real Man

63. Rodkov Kozma Compositions

64. Rasputin V. Farewell to Matera

65. Rozhdestvensky R. Poems

66. Rubtsov N. Poems

67. Rustaveli Sh. The Knight in the Panther's Skin

68. Rybakov A. Kortik / Bronze bird / Shot

69. Samoilov D. Poems

70. Simonov K. Poems / The Living and the Dead

71. Soloviev L. The Story of Khoja Nasreddin

72. Strugatsky A., Strugatsky B. Monday starts on Saturday / It's hard to be a god

73. Tokareva V. Stories and stories

74. Tolstoy A. Prince of Silver

75. Tolstoy JI. Hadji Murad / Cossacks / Anna Karenina3

76. Tukay G. Shurale

77. Tynyanov Y. Pushkin / Death of Vazir-Mukhtar

78. Uspensky E. Crocodile Gena and his friends. / Uncle Fedor, dog and cat

a list of one hundred books recommended for schoolchildren for independent reading
a list of one hundred books recommended for schoolchildren for independent reading

79. Fadeev A. Young Guard / Defeat

80. Fraerman R. Wild Dog Dingo, or the Tale of First Love

81. Khetagurov K. Poems

82. Schwartz E. Dragon / Snow Queen

83. Shukshin V. Stories

84. Eidelman N. Lunin / Your XIX century

85. Ehrenburg I. People, years, life

86. Yan V. Genghis Khan. Batu. To the last sea

87. Yanin V. I sent you birch bark

Epics, epics, annals

88. Alpamysh

89. Geser

90. David of Sasunsky

91. DzhanGar

92. Kalevala

93. Ker-oglu

94. Manas

95. Olonkho

96. Ural - Batyr

97. Ancient Russian poems collected by Kirsha Danilov

98. The Tale of Bygone Years

99. Epics (compiled by K. Checherov, P. Ukhov)

100. Tales of the peoples of Russia (compiled by M. Vatagin)

How many books have you read?

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