Four-legged robot
Four-legged robot

American scientists have demonstrated the new capabilities of a four-legged military robot that continuously follows a person across any rough terrain.

American scientists from LS3 in the DARPA program showed the capabilities of a four-legged robot capable of navigating various terrain including ditches, slopes, streams and urban areas. The four-legged robot is similar to a trained animal and is capable of carrying 400 kg. put it in.

The robot is primarily intended for the military and can assist in the movement of goods (including the military), as well as act as a rechargeable battery for radios and portable devices while on patrol.

The four-legged robot understands voice commands and is able to follow a person in the "Leader Follow" mode. Thus, a person is relieved of the need to carry a load, which the robot does for him.

We understand that progress does not stand still, but we all grew up watching The Terminator films with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Perhaps, in the future, such four-legged robots will not carry loads after people, but chase with other, darker goals.

Recently there was a video about the speed of such a robot. At a 100 meter distance, the robot develops a speed of 44.7 km / h or 27.78 mph. The fastest runner in the world from Jamaica, Usain Bolt, sprints at a speed of 45 km / h. We're not worried about Usain Bolt, he's faster so far. Are you good at running? On the other hand, the robot does not get tired, and do you understand that it will be difficult to get away from it?

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P. S. The cyborg terminator said in the film the phrase: I'll be back!

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