Troll: the rules of life
Troll: the rules of life

25 rules that may help you in disputes, or give ideas on how to mock a victim at any, even the most hopeless moment of discussion.

Hundreds of disputes, discussions, forum battles held provide invaluable experience in conducting polemics. Every debater or troll who mocks the interlocutor, over time, has a set of tricks that allow you to beat the enemy completely. I have collected 25 rules that, perhaps, will help you in disputes, or give ideas on how you can mock a victim at any, even the most hopeless, moment of discussion.

Rule 1. Never give up. If you feel that the enemy is stronger, offer to surrender to him as soon as possible.

Rule 2. If you have nothing to answer to your opponent, answer "for God's sake, continue" to everything he writes to you. Let him look like a fool.

Rule 3. During the battle on the forum, write to your interlocutor: “I knew it. You have not taken into account the political situation."

Rule 4. Never swear at your opponent. The lost one loses in the eyes of the crowd.

Rule 5. Write to your opponent: "This graph clearly shows that you are wrong." Attach any graph by erasing the axis labels.

Rule 6. Occasionally answer with the phrase: “We do not argue. I just explain to you what's what."

Don't know how to change your life for the better? Concentrate not on the pros, but on the cons
Don't know how to change your life for the better? Concentrate not on the pros, but on the cons

Rule 7. In response to any story from life, you should state: “This has nothing to do with the topic of conversation. But thanks for sharing."

Rule 8. When asked "Are you the smartest?" Answer firmly: "Yes."

Rule 9. Crush the enemy with your intellect, quoting excerpts from the abstracts of the Yandex. Abstracts service.

Rule 10. Provoke with the phrase: "It's hard for me, master, to communicate with you."

Rule 11. Question any sources of your opponent - from Wikipedia to Zhukov's memoirs.

Rule 12. As soon as possible, stick on the opponent inappropriate label. Take advantage of the experience of Martin Eden's opponents, who called him a socialist. Eden, an individualist to the marrow of his bones, fiddled like a little one.

Rule 13. Inquire about your opponent. Throwing in a few remarks contemptuously, finish him off with the phrase: “I suppose you are also a fan of Spartak. Make sure that he is really a fan of Spartak.

Rule 14. Try to joke without putting down emoticons. The effect usually surpasses all expectations, and the enemy in the eyes of the crowd becomes a blockhead with no sense of humor.

Rule 15. Leave a comment to all Facebook posts that you can reach: "It would seem, what does Pussy Riot have to do with it?" Enjoy the effect.

Rule 16. Share and like all your posts.

Rule 17. Never go "you" with strangers. Point out to the enemy as gently as possible that you did not drink with him on brotherhood. "I will not sit on the same field with you" is not considered a mild expression.

Don't know how to change your life for the better? Concentrate not on the pros, but on the cons
Don't know how to change your life for the better? Concentrate not on the pros, but on the cons

Rule 18. Accuse the opponent of not wanting to argue, but "to arrange a PR for yourself." Never let it be understood that you do not know the meaning of the word "PR". They don't know either.

Rule 19. A series of irrefutable arguments should be called an opponent's fad.

Rule 20. Constantly re-read the immortal work of Karel Czapek "Twelve Methods of Literary Controversy or a Guide to Newspaper Discussions."

Rule 21. Agree unconditionally with a few minor parties to the dispute. In no case do not try to fight alone with the whole world around you.

Rule 22. Arrange performances occasionally. For example, come up with a stereotypical phrase and respond with it to all comments.

Rule 23. When you have nothing to say, laugh."Hahahahaha" or ":)))))))))))))))))))))))))) in response to the devastating speech reduces all the arguments of the enemy to zero.

Rule 24. Destroy authorities. The phrase: “Oh, this is the homosexual who painted the multi-colored jars” in the dispute about Andy Warhol can have a devastating effect on the interlocutor's brain.

Rule 25: Declare that the last comment personally offended you. Let the observers know that your opponent is a smelly bastard who does not hesitate to use the most dastardly tricks. This technique requires training: you should react to the most innocuous remarks, those that the enemy definitely made without any malicious intent.

Rule 34 Bonus. Do not forget to unexpectedly ask your opponent about his attitude towards anal sex.

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