Belarus Fashion Week: What's New?
Belarus Fashion Week: What's New?

The fifth edition of Belarus Fashion Week of the Spring-Summer 2013 season will be held in Minsk from October 30 to November 4, 2012. We are waiting for you at the shows of Belarus Fashion Week by Marko SS 2013!

The main podium of the country will be located in the very center of the capital, at the Palace of Arts (Kozlova st., 3). For the second season in a row Belarus Fashion Week carried out with the support of the company Marko, the largest Belarusian manufacturer of high quality men's, women's and children's footwear.

Collections from leading designers await at BFW by Marko TARAKANOVA, Fur Garden, RadaStyle, MYKYTYUK & YATSENTYUK (UA), Harydavets & Efremova, Natalia Gaidarzhi, Onder Ozkan (TUR), Katya Domanovskaya (RUS), Davidova, TSU RAN, Lat'el (RUS), KUITCHERENKO, FOlatANITY (RUS).

New in the fifth issue Belarus Fashion Week will be the organization of the second site OFF SCHEDULE, which will work on November 1-2 at the Museum of History of Minsk (gallery named after Mikhail Savitsky). It is intended for shows for young designers and for the presentation of new brands outside the main catwalk. This season, Anna Precious, Zina Fedina, LEORGOFMAN and others will present their collections at OFF SCHEDULE.

In addition to impressions, the program Belarus Fashion Week by Marko includes a number of official side projects:

- Competition for young designers New Names BFW, which this season is supported by the company O. Jen - a well-known Belarusian manufacturer of women's clothing.

- Education Centre Fashion Study Centerwhere lectures by specialists in the field of fashion and design will take place - Ivana Aiplatova, Camilla Rettura (Design42day, IT) and Marcellous Jones (FR) and etc.

- Competition for bloggers and fashion journalists Fashion Blog Competitionthe partner of which is the company VELCOM.

- Charity Event "Children's fashion", which will be hosted by the well-known Artyom Rybakin and Andrey Bond.

Belarus Fashion Week autumn - winter 2019-2020
Belarus Fashion Week autumn - winter 2019-2020
will take place on October 30 at one of the most beautiful venues in the capital - in the concert hall "Upper City". Representatives of the BFW Organizing Committee and partner companies, as well as leading Belarusian designers will communicate with the press.

An official reception for friends and guests of BFW will be held on November 4 at 23.00 in the most fashionable Minsk club - Fashion Club (st. Yanka Kupala, 25).

In the upcoming release Belarus Fashion Week works with everyone's beloved Minskers "CoffeeBox" … Thanks to this partnership, all BFW guests are guaranteed an inexhaustible charge of cheerfulness!

Belarus Fashion Week cooperates with the leading fashion TV channel Fashion ONE, magazines ProFashion, Fashion Report (Russia), ATELIER (Ukraine), ESH, Lifestyle, ICON, Fashion Collection, Sexus (Belarus), websites,,,,, The international media partners of the season are Design42day and FashionUnited.

We are waiting for you at the shows of Belarus Fashion Week by Marko SS 2013

Belarus Fashion Week: What's New?
Belarus Fashion Week: What's New?

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