Alexander Bakhtin is the new IBO world boxing champion
Alexander Bakhtin is the new IBO world boxing champion

Alexander Bakhtin defeated Roly Gasque by unanimous decision, won the IBO World Championship Belt and took his 30th victory in the professional ring.

On September 18, in Moscow, at the arena of the Moscow Center for Martial Arts in the Varshavka SKY complex, with the support of METROPOL Group of Companies, the boxing show “Baikal Fight” was held, following which the undefeated Russian Alexander Bakhtin confirmed the title of the best boxer in his weight by defeating the Filipino Roles of Gasque.

Bakhtin won by unanimous decision (118-111, 119-110, 118-110), won the IBO world champion belt and won his 30th victory in the professional ring. At the initiative of Alexander Bakhtin and the organizers of the Baikal Battle show, the proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the Fund for Assistance to the Preservation of Lake Baikal and will be used to improve the lake shore and take measures to clean up its shore.

Earlier it was planned that the fight between Alexander Bakhtin and the rising star of world boxing, Filipino Roly Gaska, will take place on September 7 in the capital of Buryatia - Ulan-Ude, in the city where Bakhtin achieved his first successes under the guidance of the honored coach Valery Namkhoev. However, it turned out to be impossible to hold a sports event of this level due to technical problems associated with the telecast of the match in the Philippines, which became a decisive factor for the transfer of the show to Moscow. Hundreds of thousands of fans and fellow countrymen of Raleigh Gasque watched one of the brightest title fights of the fall live on the central channel of the Philippines, as well as on national channels in 20 more countries.

An unusual sporting event began with a live teleconference from Japan with the participation of the chairman of the organizing committee of the "Baikal battle", deputy chairman of the committee on natural resources, nature management and ecology of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Mikhail Slipenchuk. He noted that in addition to the most important sporting occasion, this boxing holiday also carries a significant social and social message: “At the moment I am in Japan, from where I and many other fans of professional boxing will also watch the high-profile title fight live. The "Baikal Battle" is an unprecedented event, because for the first time athletes will fight not only for the champion title, but also for the purity of Lake Baikal. This is a unique place and an amazing natural resource that we all have to conserve together. I wish all the fighters good luck and thank them for their participation in the conservation of Lake Baikal!"

Alexander Bakhtin is the new IBO world boxing champion
Alexander Bakhtin is the new IBO world boxing champion

As part of the show, Russian boxers also won victories in the undercard fights: Eduard Troyanovsky confidently defeated another boxer from the Philippines, Joseph van Minosa, Denis Shafikov defeated Kenyan James Onyango, and Igor Mikhalkin defeated Ugandan Hamza Vanderu, Roman Arkhipov defeated Brazilian Claudinei.

Their colleagues came to support our athletes: titled boxer Grigory Drozd, Russian WBA world champions Denis Lebedev and Alexander Povetkin, who will also have another title fight against Hasim Rakhman on September 29, legendary boxing champion and trainer Konstantin Tszyu, famous Russian MMA fighter Sergei Kharitonov … Among the guests of the evening, socialites were also noticed - artist Daniil Fedorov, designer Lena Lenskaya, actor Anton Eskin, VJs of the RU. TV channel and others.

The "Baikal Battle" gathered about 3,000 spectators on the ultra-modern sports arena, more than 500,000 fans of professional boxing across the country watched the battle for the champion title live on the RUSSIA-2 TV channel. Everyone who gathered in "Varshavka SKY" this evening not only with interesting competitive fights, but also with a bright and visual-musical show. In the penultimate fight for the exit of the Russian boxer Roman Andreeva, the shocking singer Nastya Lyubimova performed on the stage, and the Brazilian Claudinea Lacerdo was supported by his compatriot singer Gabriela, who sang an incendiary song in Brazilian. For the brutal appearance of the future champion Alexander Bakhtin, rappers Stas Satsura and Stim with the trademark track "Shadow Boxing" were responsible, and his rival, the Filipino Roly Gaska, was accompanied by dancers from exotic islands.

One of the most touching moments of the holiday was the solemn ceremony of handing over the plaque with the name of the street named after Vladimir Safronov to the Mayor's Office of Ulan-Ude. At the initiative of boxing promoter Vladimir Khryunov and the Professional Boxing Federation of Russia, a proposal was made to name one of the city streets after the outstanding fellow countryman Alexander Bakhtin - the legendary Soviet boxer, Olympic champion Vladimir Safronov, who also lived and achieved his first boxing successes in his native Ulan-Ude. The administration and residents of the capital of the Republic of Buryatia supported this initiative, and on the day of the fight live on Russia-2, President of the Professional Boxing Federation of Russia Viktor Ageev handed over to the representatives of the mayor's office a sign with the name of a new street on the map of Ulan-Ude - the street named after Vladimir Safronov.

After the end of the show and the presentation of the IBO world champion belt, the undefeated Alexander Bakhtin admitted that the victory was not easy for him, and noted that his opponent did not want to give up until the last round. Then Bakhtin thanked all those who came to support him - coaches Alexander Zimin and Valery Namkhoev, sports promoter Vladimir Khryunov, organizers of the "Baikal Fight" fight, GC "Metropol", the Professional Boxing Federation of Russia, as well as his wife Christina, who supported him during the whole fight. “This day is special for me not only because I became world champions and won this belt, but also because it was on this day - September 18 - 7 years ago that my beautiful wife gave birth to my son. I dedicate this victory to my son, as well as to my native Trans-Baikal region, in which I grew up and began my development as an athlete and boxer,”concluded the ceremony of honoring the new Russian world boxing champion.

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