Healthy and happy offspring
Healthy and happy offspring

More stupidity, more weak and sick! There is no money, so we will gather with the whole world and cure! Let him pass on his faulty genes! Healthy and happy offspring!

With what sincere bewilderment and deep irony I sometimes realize all the arrogance with which a person calls himself reasonable. Looking around, I come to the conclusion that there can be no question of any intelligence. Everything that happens in society is ruled only by solid and naked emotions.

A friend says:

- I recently saw Malakhov's program, because there a poor family with three small children lives in a communal apartment, and the neighbors are drug addicts and rowdy. Children suffer, parents regularly call the police, but they cannot do anything: neither evict nor calm down.

I'm talking:

- Well, if you are not satisfied with your neighbors, why not take, and not change your living conditions?

- No money.

- Well, if you have no money, no improvements are expected, and behind the wall there is an active drug addict den, why then breed at all ?!

- Not every pregnancy is planned.

Oh yeah! How familiar it is! And we live in the Stone Age, no means of contraception have yet been invented, and no one is familiar with the laws of anatomy! I'll go pick the ground with my digging stick. Of course, it can happen to anyone, but there is not one child, not two, but three! This must be contrived so that three children accidentally fall out of the womb! Imagine, you went to the toilet in the morning due to small need, and here you have bam - and triplets. You are behind your head: "My boh! What a surprise! Why am I going to feed the children ?!"

Hyper-care of parents: advice from a psychologist
Hyper-care of parents: advice from a psychologist

And then she says:

- And what, then do not give birth to children at all? If people want to have children …

Normal logic? You never know what anyone wants! This is the same as the janitor Vasya wants to have a Bentley. He will sell all his property, organs, and to hell with him, he will sell himself with giblets, take out a loan for two billion years, and buy himself this car, but alas, he will not be able to maintain it. And this janitor Vasya will sit in a cardboard box from under the refrigerator with plastic bags on his feet, instead of shoes, and watch with emotion how the most valuable and dear in his life is slowly rotting in the slums of the industrial area.

No, I really don't understand. People, if you can’t give your children absolutely nothing but your wacky morals and loser rules of life, why do you multiply? What sacred meaning do you see in this? Does your family mean so much to this world to continue? Is there such an urgent need? Great idea maybe? After all, losers, this is who are bankrupt individuals, irresponsible, and such people are contraindicated to give birth.

But every sexually mature individual of the human race certainly wants to experience the joy of motherhood, and she is not even stopped by difficulties in the form of a lack of funds to maintain her whim. We do not care that poverty and squalor ultimately push children to desperate actions. And the point is not even that now every young provincial woman dreams of herself, from head to toe strewn with precious stones and sitting on a luxurious chaise. It's about the elementary. At the age of eleven, my school friend went to the bathhouse with adult men only because they covered the meadow. She was allowed to go there in a circle, tore through all the holes, but after that she excitedly, shedding crystal girlish tears of happiness that glittered with beads in her eyes, told me that my uncle had boiled sausage and pâtés on the table.

How to raise a man?
How to raise a man?

I heard the version that every woman needs to fulfill her function. I personally do not think that women, and indeed people in general, have any function. Who hammered into the heads of uneducated women that some important mission certainly rests on their shoulders? Calm down you already! We are devoured by oncological and other diseases transmitted with heredity, but they still multiply and multiply, and nothing can shut up this stupid n ****. More cancer! More stupidity, more weak and sick! There is no money, so we will gather with the whole world and cure! Let him pass on his faulty genes!

A leaky gene pool, poverty and devastation, hopeless stupidity in the heads of the broad masses, ardent patriots who do not even know the history of their own state … We multiply diligently, we do it with special zeal and agility, not realizing that by doing so we are devouring ourselves from the inside. Soon humanity will collapse, choking on its own illnesses, vices and shit, but no, we don't care. Each individual person is driven only by emotions, a selfish desire to satisfy his own maternal instinct.

So, citizens. As long as you treat the increase in your own population as an integral part of our life and a natural process, and not as an impermissible luxury, then you, forgive me for being so frank, will only defecate with children. Our society will be able to be called mature and reasonable only when the decision to have offspring for each of us becomes a conscious step, and not a momentary urge coming from a slight itching from the genital area. And if he could not resist, then there is nothing to complain and grumble. Give birth to children in full health, love and prosperity!

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