25 great rules
25 great rules

Perfect rules for a wonderful life … Learn to enjoy without alcohol, dream without drugs, communicate without the Internet and be nervous without a cigarette.

1) Surround yourself only with those people who will pull you higher. It's just that life is already full of those who want to drag you down

2) Do today what others do not want, tomorrow you will live in a way that others cannot

3) If you find a person with whom you can behave as freely as you behave alone with yourself, then value him like air

4) If you were told that your train left, remember - there are also planes and yachts

5) While driving a nail into your soul, remember that even pulling it out with your apologies, you will still leave a hole there that will overgrow and torment its owner for a long time. do not hurt those who love you with all their hearts.

6) Never make excuses. Not in front of the one who loves you, nor - even more so - in front of the one who does not love you. The one who does not love will never believe you, and whoever loves will come up with an excuse for you.

7) If there are rumors about you, then you are a person. Remember: Never discuss or envy bad things. They envy the best, discuss the best

What is a plan for and how to plan your life
What is a plan for and how to plan your life

8) Can't make a woman happy? Don't bother the other. Jeyrard Butler

9) Know how to forgive, because this is the property of the strong. The weak never forgive. Mahatma Gandhi

10) Fight, because a woman chooses the strong, courageous and persistent, and not those who, at the slightest quarrel, give up and leave

11) Never argue with idiots. You will descend to their level, where they will crush you with their experience.

12) Always remember that people become close gradually, strangers - instantly

13) Learn to enjoy without alcohol, dream without drugs, communicate without the Internet and be nervous without a cigarette

14) Choose a job you like and you won't have to work a single day in your life.

15) Do not rely too much on anyone in this world, because even your own shadow leaves you when you are in the dark

16) Do not regret your mistakes, because without making them, you will never know how to do it right

17) If you want to have what you never had, you have to do what you never did. Coco Chanel

18) When you lose, just smile. The winner loses the taste of victory

19) You must have a dream. Necessarily! So you can get up in the morning

20) If a bear ties you to a tree, saying something in Latin, go to bed. In any incomprehensible situation, go to bed

How to stop worrying?
How to stop worrying?

21) If you are unhappy with the place you are occupying, change it. You are not a tree! Jim Rohn

22) Nobody can let you down if you don't depend on anyone. Robert Anthony

23) If you are rich, do not think about it; if you are poor, do not take your poverty seriously. if you are able to live in peace, remembering that the world is only a show, you will be free, you will not be touched by suffering. Suffering is the result of taking life seriously; bliss is the result of the game. Think of life as a game, enjoy it

24) Never tell people about your problems, 80% are not interested in them, the remaining 20% are glad that you have them

25) Do what you want. Do what you think is right. You will still be condemned for the rest of your life.

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