Let's goodbye
Let's goodbye

26 years after the release of Viktor Tsoi's song We are waiting for Changes, the topic has received a relevant continuation in modern show business.

A small post on the Twitter social network of the king of pop music Philip Kirkorov in the form of an "instructive warning" with a hint that honesty is not in vogue today for the very scandalous, but matured in his views in recent years, Timati, lifted IL from the bottom deep and not the purest Moscow river of show business.

Timati's phrase - #philipdavaydosvidaniya, which last week ranked second in the world in terms of citation, received a video and audio version from Timati & Co.

In the quotes of the song - in harsh phrases - there are no longer hidden wishes for changes in the world of Russian show business.

Complete disagreement with what is happening today in Russian show business turned into a scandal. Almost a dozen popular artists among the younger generation, led by Timati, recorded an extremely harsh song with a video sequence, where they openly express their position on everything that happens in the musical world of our country! Most people will criticize this format of speech because of the harshness and unethicalness of the method, but the younger generation has a completely different opinion on this matter.

According to the CEO of the Black Starinc label. - Pasha, which he expressed on the talk show “Results of the MUZ-TV Prize” on the channel that held this award for ten years - “the system of work of the Russian show business, which was built many years ago, no longer works. It does not reflect the reality and wishes of the younger generation. We have to wear masks to break through formats and barriers, but we are tired! It's time to pour out the stagnant water and pour in new clean water! We are not against formats in music - there is enough market for everyone! But we are for a quality product and for more open access for new names to this market!"


The acuteness and rudeness of words is an extreme measure to declare your position and be heard!

The manner for the song and video was chosen by Meikhana from a video that became very popular on YouTube.

Meikhana is an improvisational comic-satirical competition, somewhat reminiscent of ditties.

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