Fashion Week Poland and Belarus Fashion Week
Fashion Week Poland and Belarus Fashion Week

Fashion Week Poland and Belarus Fashion Week this season "exchanged" designers to introduce each other the culture and art of their country.

Fashion knows no boundaries! The main fashion events in Poland and Belarus are Fashion Week Poland and Belarus Fashion Week - this season we have "exchanged" the best designers in order to present the culture and art of their country to each other.

April 19 Belarus Fashion Week at the opening of the Fashion Week in Poland, the famous Belarusian designer Lyudmila Tarakanova presented a new collection for the fall-winter 2013 season, which presents options for men's clothing in style. The idea of the collection is “Stag Party”, a bachelor party.

Youth sets and ensembles include a variety of assortment groups: coats and capes, raincoats and jackets, suits and single items in the form of shirts and trousers. The author focuses on the design of the backs with a clear proportional relationship and thoughtfulness of details. The presence of smooth and textured textures of materials allows you to achieve a variety of silhouette shapes. The basic materials are: tweeds, bouclé fabrics, drapes, knitted fabrics of various densities, velvet, corduroy, wool, semi-wool, cotton and silk.

The TARAKANOVA (R) brand pays great attention to interior design through decorative finishes and the quality of the lining materials. The richness of the palette of shades of blue-green color is built in combination with gray, black and chocolate-brown tones.

Opening show Fashion Week Poland consisted of two parts. The first is a dedication to the world's two fashion capitals, Hong Kong and New York. The second part prepared by the team Belarus Fashion Week, talks about the atmosphere of cities: urban scenery, the noise of cars, the breath of megalopolises …

April 26 on the first day of screenings Belarus Fashion Week by Marko we will be glad to introduce you to the talented Polish designer Lucja Wojtala.

Lucja Wojtala's favorite technique is jacquard weaving, her trademark. Lucja worked as a chief designer at one of the largest Polish clothing companies. A turning point in her career was the victory in the International Talent Support competition, the prize for which was an internship at the studio of John Galliano in Paris.

Lucja ordered yarns from Italy and, together with her colleagues, created unique fabrics. She recently presented a small collection of these fabrics, which she showed at several events in Europe, including Bread & Butter in Barcelona, CPD in Düsseldorf and Euro Fashion Week in Berlin. Lucja Wojtala's inimitable style, her unique approach to fabric production and color use have made her very popular with clients and customers, especially in France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Austria.

Fashion Week Poland and Belarus Fashion Week
Fashion Week Poland and Belarus Fashion Week

Cooperation Fashion Week Poland and Belarus Fashion Week once again proves that Belarusian fashion is a phenomenon of European scale, logically included in the global fashion industry

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