New Names BFW Contestants
New Names BFW Contestants

In the new season, Belarus Fashion Week will again help young Belarusian designers to declare themselves. 14 participants were selected for the second round of the New Names BFW competition.

On March 10, the first stage of the New Names BFW competition took place at the Palace of Arts. 23 young ambitious participants presented sketches of their collections to the jury.

Linen is a fabric with special properties. Compliance of sketches with the characteristics of the material, innovative ideas, originality and creativity - these are the main criteria for selecting the contestants.

In the sketch round, the jury consisted of:

- Yanina Goncharova, Director and Artistic Director of the State Institution "Crystal Nymph", Chairman of the BFW Organizing Committee;

- Yuri Budko, head of the festival of contemporary art and avant-garde fashion "Mammoth";

- Galina Yakovlevna Meshkova, candidate of art history, associate professor of the Belarusian State Academy of Arts.

- Anastasia McKay, designer.

The designers found inspiration for the competition collections both in the work of Audrey Hepburn, the wind and paintings by Egon Schiele, and in the flashy 60s, the collections of Alexander McQueen and black and white films.

Before announcing the results, the jury members addressed the participants with parting words. Galina Yakovlevna Meshkova noted that they all came up with wonderful ideas, but many of them had incomplete collections: "In my opinion, the most important thing is plasticity and the use of decorative elements."

Anastasia McKay compared participation in competitions to mosaics: “By sketches, you can understand who is strong and who is not. Experience is important here. From participation in such projects, you assemble your future like a mosaic."

Yanina Goncharova urged those who made it to the second round not to relax: “You have to fight hard for the right to show your collection on the podium”. The head of BFW also recalled the purpose of the competition: “We are organizing a competition for young designers so that the level of Belarusian design as a whole increases. The BFW New Names competition is growing and has global potential. For those who did not make it to the next round, I say: don't give up, come next season! Fashion is your profession."

Belarus Fashion Week: fashion shows, shopping with Belarusian designers and fashion education
Belarus Fashion Week: fashion shows, shopping with Belarusian designers and fashion education
New Names BFW Contestants
New Names BFW Contestants

Anastasia Kukharevich

Pototskaya Tamara

Sergeeva Irina, Kozharnovich Diana

Mikola - Mikolskaya Anna

Luchenkova Daria

Kuznetsova Nadezhda

Efremova Anna, Uryadova Elena

Levitskaya Yana

Neborskaya Valentine

Kostyuk Anastasia

Pleskan Elena

Shchelokova Elena, Puzina Ekaterina

Atadurdyev Vadim

Mylnikova Anastasia.

Let's follow the progress of the New Names BFW competition together!

Photo: Alexey Isachenko

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