Exercises for brain development
Exercises for brain development

It has been proven that a person uses the capabilities of his brain only up to 10%. Imagine what you could achieve using half your brain.

The development of the mind is as important as the spiritual and the physical. Brain development helps to increase intellectual abilities, thanks to which we expand the boundaries of our capabilities. It has been proven that a person uses the capabilities of his brain only from 3% - 10%.

It’s not hard to imagine what it would be like if we could use our brain, at least 50%. I immediately remember the movie "Fields of Darkness", where the hero drank a pill and after 1 minute his brain was used by 95%. Who looked, knows what I mean, if not, I advise you to look …

Now let's get down to brain development exercises:

1. Left hand effect

This exercise strengthens nerve connections, and can also create new ones. For example, take your computer mouse in your other hand (if you are right-handed, then in the left and vice versa) and start controlling it. If this leaves you feeling insecure, uncomfortable, and uncomfortable, don't worry, your brain is learning a new skill. This happens whenever you start something new, untested, and each time you organize new connections between neurons in your brain. Scientists have shown that this effect activates creativity and greatly enhances spatial imagination. Therefore, do this exercise on a daily basis, do not be afraid to take on new tasks.

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2. Reading and crosswords

Solving crossword puzzles promotes the development of the brain and stimulates its activity. Strive to absorb as much information as possible, read, read, and read again books on various topics. Find a new hobby, learn a foreign language. Be sure to save yourself from constantly watching TV, otherwise your brain will be "dull". The sooner you start training your brain, the easier it will be for you to cope with the mental ailments of the elderly. It was found that constant brain exercise, any activity, mental and physical, minimizes cases of memory loss among "old" people and slows down the aging process.

3. Sports

It has been proven that a person who receives physical activity (voluntary) develops the brain better and faster. At the SALK Institute for Biological Research in California, scientists have concluded that mice that run in a spinning wheel have twice as many cells in the part of the brain that is responsible for memory and learning.

4. Riddles

Logic riddles, puzzles, puzzles are a great way to make your brain work, as well as keep it active. Solve them more often and train your brain. For example, play Sudoku.

5. Build your vocabulary

Start learning the meaning of any new word on a daily basis (it doesn't matter whether it is a foreign or native language). There are big discrepancies between your intelligence and your vocabulary. If the vocabulary is regularly replenished with new words, then the level of intelligence also grows.

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6. Diary

Journaling allows a person to expand the boundaries of their brain. Write down memories, dreams, current events. The best way is to have your own blog.

7. Neurobics

The term was coined by Lawrence S. Katz, Ph. D., professor of neuroscience at Duke University. Neurobics is a unique brain training system that engages all five physical senses and emotions in unexpected ways to shake up the daily routine. Exercise is used to help the brain produce its own nutrients to strengthen, grow, and maintain brain cells. Neurobics can be practiced wherever your heart desires and at any time. This original and fun way of developing the brain allows you to activate poorly developed neural connections and pathways, helping you to acquire the "accuracy" and flexibility of the mind. These are the suggested exercises:

Combination of feelings. Listen to the music. Enjoy the sound of rain, feel the drops falling on your palms. Smell the flowers. Peer into the clouds while doing clay modeling)))

Destroyer of routine. Take a new route to work. Eat with your other hand. Go to another grocery store. Operate the computer mouse with your other hand.

Incorporating one or more senses into your daily tasks. Dress and undress with your eyes closed, wash your face with your eyes closed. You can communicate using only visual cues, that is, silently.

So practice and come up with all sorts of similar exercises.

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