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We don't have time for girls
We don't have time for girls

We will now teach you not to lie to girls. It's very easy, you can get away from your girlfriend's stupid and serious questions without making a deal with your conscience. Women are such people that it is easy for them not to lie. Seriously! I never deceive women. I never tell the truth either, but I don’t deceive either. It is very easy.

How not to lie when asked by girls?

"Tell me, do you only want sex?"

We do not deceive, we answer: "Sluggish."

And why cheat if she is quite satisfied with information about mental development?

"I'm not fat?"

And here you have to be very surprised: "Do you think I would start dating a fat woman?"

And at this moment you are not deceiving her, you really don’t understand how it happened in general.

"What will you give me for today's anniversary?"

Here attention, I must say: "This is a surprise!"

Because it's a real surprise for you that you have an anniversary today.

You noticed? I dyed myself!

And then very calmly: "Well, I'm not blind!"

The main thing is not to get burned that I did not notice.

Sometimes she can go on the attack and call with the question: "Have you cheated on me?"

And then a master class: "I'll call you back, wait"

And you put down the phone. Friends do not forget: we do not deceive women!

Ideal relationship between a man and a woman
Ideal relationship between a man and a woman
We don't have time for girls
We don't have time for girls

"Do I have better breasts than Angelina Jolie?"

Say, "I haven't seen Angelina Jolie's breasts."

No! If she asked about Lyuska Ivanova, I would say worse. So what?

There are cunning women and they ask: "You want me?"

Here you have to answer: "What do you think?"

And you look with unblinking eyes.

Did you have something with your secretary?

Here you have to answer: "Have you seen her?"

No, I don't know what the principle is, but everyone starts to think that she is really scary.

Are you married?

"Well, I ………"

And you make a large number of indistinct sounds and while she thinks, she does not notice how you just removed the ring from your finger.

Tell me, am I beautiful?

You just look at her.

You didn't deceive her. Although he could and more than that he should have.

"Are you sure you won't bother me?"

"Well, who do you take me for!"

As a rule, she does not mistake you for a healthy man with normal needs and desires.

Now you know how not to lie when asked by girls? Attention of the man, if the girl read this article with you. And if she asks you: "Are you doing exactly the same way as he?" Do you know how to answer her? …

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