Motorcycle control
Motorcycle control

Essential tips from experienced motorcyclists for driving safely and efficiently in the city and on the highway.

1. The safest movement in city traffic: the left lane between the extreme left and right cars.

2. If we follow the car. then not in the center, but on the left or right in the tracks of the wheels, because if something lies on the road. then as usual in the middle.

3. Look not under the wheels, but forward, not at a specific object (car, girl), but as if to the horizon (we scan the situation with all our senses)

4. Do not look into the hole that has appeared on the road, mark it with peripheral vision and go around.

5. We are not the first to leave the intersection, at the early green light. because very often there are still amateurs flying through the intersection to the early red.

6. In traffic jams in the aisle, as well as on the markings, we brake with the rear brake

7. We always control the distance not only in front but also behind, creating more space around us!

8. Gathering even in a neighboring stall for beer, we dress in full - helmet, equipment, boots, peppers.

9. Let go of the throttle stick on the speed bumps.

10. Do not drive to the left of the left or to the right of the right lane.

11. Tram tracks with rubber indents, we pass on smooth gas, straight ahead. We do not slow down and do not accelerate on them.

12. Passing the crossroads we cover ourselves with the car from the dangerous side.

13. In case of emergency or intensive braking, we stand up on the footpegs in order to shift the center of gravity down.

14. We try not to overtake on narrow streets with exits from courtyards.

15. Do not try to prove to others that you are the best racer, soberly assess your capabilities

16. Be several times more collected on an empty road … pedestrians may not notice you

17. Moving in a traffic jam when changing lanes, look in the mirror or turn your head, a motorcyclist can ride between the rows.

18. It is better to keep your fingers on the brake and clutch lacquers. (and not only in the city).

19. We do not overtake (go around) the transport from the side of a turn, a branch, an empty parking space. it can suddenly throw itself into the hole. the safest is between the rows.

20. Don't drive with a hangover and get drunk.

21. We never drive near the car. Only in a checkerboard pattern - you always need to be prepared for the fact that someone from the left lane swoops down to a passenger voting at the side of the road, or some onlooker will remember that he urgently needs to turn left, or right through several rows.

22. In a traffic jam - between the rows by no more than 20-30 km / h, and overtaking along the dividing line on the left, we expect that someone from the waiting in the left lane will taxi to overtake right in front of you.

23. We always monitor the situation that standing oncoming traffic on the right turn will turn there right in front of you.

24. When driving through a standing traffic jam, we always remember that a door can open in the car (spit, put a bottle, ventilate, go out to see what we’re standing), and anything can fly out of the open windows or a hairy paw can stick out.

25. Do not ride with high beam - even in cloudy weather and twilight because of the blinding headlight, it becomes difficult to determine the distance to your vehicle and the speed with which you are approaching.

Motorcycle control
Motorcycle control

Photo: David DeHetre 26. Driving in heavy traffic, we always graze the drivers in front of the cars through their rear-view mirrors, especially through the salon mirror.

27. We always avoid idiots who talk on the phone while driving - by definition they are blind and do not look around.

28. When overtaking, always calculate the situation so that you have a place where you can go if an unexpected obstacle occurs.

29. If you “vomit” for a long time behind a truck and it suddenly leaves to the right, as if letting you pass, then 50% of the truck simply bypasses the car, which stands on the dividing strip for turning left / U-turn or enters a U-turn and does not see you!

thirty. In a populated area, when you overtake a truck, be prepared for a person or a dog to jump out from under your wheels.

31. Moving in a dense traffic, not on highways, be very careful, when overtaking large-sized cars between them, people crossing the road may jump out. the same when driving near bus stops where there is a bus. Either slow down or rearrange to the left.

32. Do not respond to the aggression of motorists, be higher. When the motorist cools down, he will realize that he was wrong and his respect for motorcyclists will increase.

33. We avoid driving into road markings, zebra stripes and cracks filled with tar - they are slippery, and in the rain - like ice.

34. If you understand that a collision with a car cannot be avoided, try to direct the motorcycle to the lowest part of the car. (hood, trunk) Before hitting, push off with your legs and arms as high as possible. (train repulsion and mentally simulate such situations and your behavior)

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