Instructions for use of a woman
Instructions for use of a woman

Poets, writers, directors, artists and many men have been unsuccessfully puzzled over this question. What does the weaker sex want?

What do women desire? The answer to this question is trying to find hundreds of directors in their films, thousands of artists in their paintings, millions of writers in their works and all men on planet Earth every day in their heads. I take off the "top secret" stamp, here it is - the truth!

Women want Mexican TV shows, lose weight, violets and illusions.

Even if everything is calm and good in our life, we will want scandals, intrigues and investigations. There will always be a reason and a reason, you can be sure. Your ten-minute delay home, the unknown Tanya / Ksyusha / Masha / Lena / Vera from your notebook, an unkind voice on the phone, a message from your alleged friend on a social network, photos from a corporate party surrounded by girls are quite enough.

We will immediately suspect a man of something amiss, we will doubt your sincerity and the correctness of our stay with you. We need scenes of jealousy with broken dishes and tears, just in order to once again hear from you "love" in an unusual setting. We will easily prepare the entourage ourselves; you only need a couple of gentle words and recognition in quivering feelings.

Losing weight is more and more difficult. Here our desire is even stronger than in the previous case. But we make much less effort to achieve the goal. Here it is important to remind us more often what wonderful forms we have, whatever they may be. If the lady of your heart is not thin, you should not underestimate her dignity, we know the truth about ourselves, but it will never be superfluous to remind you of the alluring curves.

The secret to a happy relationship
The secret to a happy relationship

It would be too corny to admit that we love roses. Therefore, we like to talk about field romance - buttercups, forget-me-nots, cornflowers, daisies, poppies, etc. Or to act out the image of a Turgenev girl - violets, lilies of the valley, orchids. Don't trust us! A bouquet of red roses is a sure-fire option, the classics have never gone out of fashion.

More often we women call it dreams, although we realize that these are illusions. Or rather, even a utopia. But we love to fantasize and imagine that in a year we will have a red luxury sedan, in two years we will become the president of a large holding, or maybe just a president, in three we will buy an apartment in the center, in a month we will be invited to star in a Hollywood film about love in the title role, and tomorrow that beloved and the only one will propose to us and give us a ring from Tiffany. If you cannot meet our hopes, at least do not destroy them. Better join us, dreams lead us forward.

Women want to be actresses, independent rebels, fragile princesses and fatal beauties.

Good girls sometimes get tired of being correct, bad girls sometimes really want to feel exemplary. Therefore, we play, if not on stage, then in life, but next to you, for sure. We can smile, then immediately feel sad, think about something, be offended, hug, burst into tears - a game. Be grateful to the audience, because we bring variety to your gray everyday life.

Secrets of family life
Secrets of family life

And you would not be offended if you gave birth to children, built a summer cottage, drove an SUV, were the boss of hundreds of subordinates, ran every morning, did not eat after 6 (and before a friend's wedding or a date, you would not eat at all), solve global issues, but would you still be called the weaker sex?

Therefore, sometimes we can:

- pay for yourself, - do not call you all weekend (but at the same time hold the phone in your hands and wait for your SMS), - post a photo with a tanned macho (showing that you are far from the only one), - and, passing by, pretend that we do not notice you (sincerely hoping that you will appreciate our new shoes, long legs and a tight skirt).

But despite all this, we want to be taken care of. So that they open the door for us, help us get into the car, and when we get out of it, give us a hand, meet after work, escort us home, take our bags, even if they weigh nothing at all, hug when it's cold, cover them with a blanket at night and be ready protect from any adversity. Yes, yes, we remain a weak hollow, but this does not mean that we ourselves cannot do anything! We can, as well, and you know about it. It's just that when you do something for us, we are pleased.

Do not be surprised at languid looks, stifling speeches, ridiculously bright make-up, not at all suitable for us, tall heels that have not been seen in the wardrobe before, red lipstick - each of us wants to be Esmeralda, Monroe, Penelope … Play along, it's fun.

How to cheer up and cheer up a girl?
How to cheer up and cheer up a girl?

I will not explain this point in detail, re-read the paragraph above and experiment with the images. Think about your acting skills, and you have them, we know that for sure! But most importantly, be that one.

To summarize, often we ourselves do not know what we want. But not one of us refused to love and be loved yet. Don't try to understand our logic! Just make us happy in any way, and we will reciprocate you.

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