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Offensive english
Offensive english

You leave an English pub and hear the phrase from the tipsy natives: Whale him away with both fits! If you knew profanity, then you would have time to get ready for a fight.

Communication in Shakespeare's language does not always imply tactful gentlemanly behavior and correct speech. Once in a pub, normative English loses its relevance even on the doorstep. Therefore, it is imperative to know the basic phrases and expressions of non-normative English.

This is not what your English teacher will teach you, but we will.

Offensive english


n. bro, best friend. In the 1950s, this appeal was especially common among American blacks and white proletarians in the United States. Then the "ace" spread to Europe: - Nope, ace! -Hi, friend! In tennis, ace means a powerful serve that cannot be accepted. In cards, ace is an ace. See, "ace" is something powerful, strong and good. So if in America they call you an ace, then know that this is very good.

acid head

n. (addicts slang) drug addict: - Do you know Jimmy? - Jimmy? This acid head? Sure! I know him! - Do you know Jimmy? - Jimmy? This drug? Of course I know.

action man

n. (British slang) hero, toughness (in relation to the military), commando, pro.

act up

and. misbehaving, messing around, doing the wrong thing: - The engine acts up. - The engine is doing something, 'said cowboy Bill, trying to start his tractor.


n. ass, asshole … In short, all the insulting names of the great Russian language fit into a single English "es". In the days of Somerset Maugham this word was translated as "donkey": - There’re only ass holes around. - All goats, - sobs drunk in the smoke bum, who is being dragged to the police station by the police patrol.


bad person, "radish", "goat" (abstracting from the literal translation).

How to enjoy life and find your way to a happy life?
How to enjoy life and find your way to a happy life?
Guys say she is an easy dig. - Guys say she fucks like a Singer sewing machine
Guys say she is an easy dig. - Guys say she fucks like a Singer sewing machine

Sherlock Holmes dino

n. dinosaur, short for dinosaurs.


n. handsome, beautiful, i.e. any handsome male or female.

drop a line

v. phr. drop a line, write a few words (in the sense of writing a letter or a postcard): Well, and if you have a time, please, drop me a line. - And if you have time, be sure to write to me.

duck soup

n. one spit, a trifling matter: - For me this is a duck soup. - For me, this is a trifling matter, - the cowboy Bill smiles when he is asked to saddle a wild mustang.


n. "Radish", moron, goat, goat, small, calich, dude, grub, burdock, bamboo, blockhead, chuvyrlo, cross, log, mouflon, bullshit, miracle in feathers, ram, cardboard fool, cudgel, schizo, idiot, abnormal, fagot, eccentric, fool, idiot, "old floating suitcase", brake, sonny, sonnyara, dandy, shoe, freak, lace, fighter, scumbag, sucker, brat, rogue, crazy, yellow-throated, etc. etc.: - Hey, dude! - Hello, chuvyrlo! In 1973, David Bowie sang the song "All The Young Dudes" - "All young, by and large, assholes …" It was then, in the early seventies, that this word became popular among English youth. Before that, it was purely American. More precisely, popular in the American lower classes.

What urgently needs to be bought?
What urgently needs to be bought?
Whale him away with both fits!”
Whale him away with both fits!”

Sherlock Holmes what’s up

“What is heard?”, “How are you?”, “How are you?”: - What’s up! - says Mick John, as soon as he hears his voice on the phone.


n. another offensive nickname meaning "weakling", "mama's son".

working girl

n. a representative of an ancient profession.



you bet (you betcha)

still would! Certainly!


v. chatting: "stop yakking! - good chatting!"

zero cool

adj. cool! very good, super.

zip (zippo)

n. zero, nothing, zero.


n. fool, dude.

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