When mistakes hurt the ear
When mistakes hurt the ear

Learning to speak means matured. Learning to remain silent means that he has grown wiser … And speaking correctly is important and beautiful.

People tend to be wrong. This phrase can be elevated to an axiom, since no one is immune from mistakes. However, especially zealous guardians of the language do not extend this philosophical rule to errors in speech. They tear and toss inside themselves when a person pronounces some word incorrectly. And some do not even hesitate to correct the slip of the tongue out loud.

What are the most common mistakes in speech?

RINGS (correct: ringing).

The first most popular mistake, which grates on the ears of not only linguists, but all educated people in general. "But why? - Masha, a philologist by profession, is indignant. - Why does it not occur to them to just check: I will call. You can't say so, you can't! " Meanwhile, people on minibuses and buses continue to insistently put the emphasis on the first syllable, and it seems they do not care at all.

Dress up-Put on

According to scientists, this error belongs to a number of involuntary ones. That is, even a very educated person can do it. And all because “putting on” is much easier for pronunciation than “putting on” - this is how our vocal apparatus works. And you can always pronounce it correctly only by accustoming yourself to the stable form "put on a skirt, put on trousers." There is a wonderful childish saying: "Dress Hope, put on clothes." So we remember.

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What does a young person need to know about life?

Beetroot (correct: beetroot)

Olga Semyonovna is a high school teacher of Russian language and literature. She says that our free printing system is to blame for everything: if we regulate the obligatory prescription of the letter "e" in the texts, then there will be no problems. Judge for yourself how else you will read the word "beet". Other stress, except for the first syllable, no longer comes to mind.

A kilogram of tomato (correct: tomatoes)

Such mistakes arise because a person is always in a hurry somewhere. In a hurry to live - it is understandable, our age is restless, we need to be in time for everything and not forget anything. So we pronounce the vernacular "tomato" instead of the intelligent "tomato" in the market or in the store. And the seller, of course, does not care - moreover, he, most likely, himself pronounces the same. But the guardians of the purity of the Russian language are extremely concerned about this phenomenon: what if next we have a “kilogram of cucumber”? Then the progression will be impossible to stop.

CREAM (correct: cream)

This mistake can be called typically feminine. If only because men do not particularly use these creams. Someone argues that both options are valid. However, even some dictionaries give two options, but the first is correct, and the second is only acceptable. All the same philologist Masha tunes in the right way: "At home you can speak as you like, but in public, try not to utter the ill-fated" cream "- literate speech affects the image of a person."

The most important things forgotten
The most important things forgotten

Director of the USA, editor of the USA

To begin with, the words "director" and "editor" are recorded in dictionaries as exclusively masculine words. However, the aforementioned forms cannot be rejected altogether - this is how the wife of the director (director) is called in common parlance and, accordingly, the wife of the editor (editor). A similar use was widespread in the 19th century in the noble society (remember the foreman in Pushkin's "The Captain's Daughter"). But now it is completely out of fashion and is a speech error.

Cakes (correct: cakes).

"Delicious, aromatic, chocolatey … Who cares how I pronounce it?" - Sveta is indignant. And really, it would seem, what difference does it make. Only now, if you find yourself in a linguistically savvy society and say the word "cakes" with an emphasis on the first syllable, you, like Svetka, will not be appreciated. The remark to Sveta at one of the parties was made by her young man, unique with three higher educations. And after this story, she was so upset that she swore to ever utter this word, and say only "Web" or "Napoleon".

Beautiful (correct: more beautiful)

This error is also extremely common, and we advise you to get rid of it by checking (beautiful). And it appeared because we form many words by analogy with others, therefore, we tend to place stress in them according to the same scheme. We have, say, the adjective "healthy", and the comparative form will be "healthier" or the adjective "smart" - "smarter." Exceptions are difficult to memorize, but you can still memorize and accustom yourself, if it really gives you discomfort.

Shoe (correct: shoe).

The biggest regret in life
The biggest regret in life

If you have problems with this word, we advise you to recall the famous phrase from the movie "Prisoner of the Caucasus": "Whose shoe?" And remember that this pronunciation is incorrect (which is logical - since the film is a comedy). You can also check this catchy word plural - shoes. Or just think less about how and what you pronounce - psycholinguists are sure: the less a person thinks about the correctness of his pronunciation, the fewer mistakes he makes. Inexplicable - but you can't argue with the facts.

Coffee (m.)

This word appeared here because it caused a huge public outcry after the adoption of the new language reform. Only the lazy, it seems, was not indignant. But what is there, if even the grandmothers on the streets sniffled indignantly: "How can this coffee be of a neuter kind?" (at least believe me, every second of them once in a store said something like “this coffee is very tasty”) We share a recipe for success: “Personally, I never had any problems with this word, I just remember well the advertisement for coffee with Ivars Kalninsh in the main roles where the actor says: "Coffee is only him."

And at the end of the linguistic conversation, I would like to say that an ideal and verified speech is not the main sign of an intelligent person. After all, even the president is deliberately made mistakes in his messages, because a psychologically even speech seems artificial and causes distrust of the audience.

In addition, linguists say: in the dictionary of absolutely every person there are a dozen words in which he invariably makes mistakes - and this is normal. So, if you don't care about mistakes in your own speech, make a mistake! And forget about what you have read here and do not tell anyone.

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