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Blogger and writer Lena Miro asked readers for their opinion on the oldest profession - prostitutes. We read and draw conclusions!

The text is published with the preservation of the author's style and spelling. The text contains profanity!

Guys, go to prostitutes? Which ones? Expensive or budget? To permanent or to new every time? How often? In which cases? How much do you pay? Where do you get them? How the fuck? How do ordinary heifers or all your fucks go out? What's the catch?

Aunties, if you find out that your uncles are taking pictures of prostitutes, will you be upset? Aunties, do you use the services of prostitutes? If yes, then the questions above are addressed to you too.

Aunts and uncles, and maybe which of you works as a prostitute? How did you come to this?

The readers' opinion about the most ancient profession - prostitutes:

Rodionof: Never. Friends bought for the company - did not use it. I do not accept venal "love".

Genuzzz: Prostitutes are the lot of losers!

0pen_space: Previously, when I lived in Raska and went to the sauna, they ordered heifers. Sometimes I go for a massage to Ethiopians, they do the massage perfectly and do it well with my hand. Ethiopians don’t suck them roofing felts religion doesn’t allow roofing felts it is not accepted roofing felts it is a sin. But then they do it with their hand so that they suck better than many.

Radio_ritual: I go. More precisely, Verochka comes to me. Budgetary, constant since November 26, 2006. Once a month I flog it. I pay 3 thousand for the whole night, since we are already like friends, I taught her to use a computer, etc. And very pretty. This wife was worse than an atomic war. Well, it didn't immediately become cheap, we talked, made friends, and this is the result.

Why don't the girls give? Reasons for refusing girls
Why don't the girls give? Reasons for refusing girls
I never went. And after I started LJ, and even more so I won't go, Zhyzhysts are cheaper.

3589202: When I was 14 years old, I happened to take off prostitutes with the older guys. After that, I have some kind of disgust for them. I don’t use their services. Although I consider the profession necessary, it is generally better to legalize it. He was very surprised when he arrived, and we asked him to just read poetry while standing on a stool.

Vitya_prujinkin: In the army, in the car of the Military Auto Inspectorate, they tried once to follow the woman on the highway. All the girls mistook the car for a police car and fled through the snowdrifts into the forest … It didn’t succeed.

3589202: When I went out for a walk in the army, I got to know the heifers, as soon as they found out that I was from Moscow time, every second one was ready to give for free.

rosa_branca: Asians. € 300 for two hours, € 500 for a night. Beautiful and submissive. Unfortunately, in Russia, instead of a Japanese woman, they strive to slip a Buryat, so only abroad.

vandall88: Nooooooooooo, well nafig. Purchased sex does not attract without feelings. In the days when I was young, with an eagle's gaze I was in many places. Colleagues ordered these services right there. Because not subject to the herd instinct always said: - Guys, do whatever you want, I’m still vodka with julienne geranu in the nearest tavern.

How to find a girl for sex?
How to find a girl for sex?
There was a case, but nothing particularly outstanding, no professionalism can replace the inner fervor in a woman. lisa012: One friend, being drunk, admitted that he went to prostitutes when he had a long break in a relationship. Pure mechanics + talk. I realized it was budget.

I also had an acquaintance with money. He constantly took girls from the escort, constantly different, of all stripes. He liked the macho image, all the time to appear with different ladies in the casino.

If I find out that my man is taking pictures of prostitutes, we will part 100%, I'm afraid of infection.

Icumsa: A long time ago. I was on a business trip in Novosibirsk, hospitable partners rented a sauna with the girls. What is the catch, I do not understand. The same masturbation, except that you can talk. And that's not about anything. He said that instead of a sauna, it would be better if they removed the gym and kick the ball. Then he came there more than once - they took into account the wishes, in fact they played football. Much more fun.

Eugenyshultz: The same masturbation, except that you can talk. And that's not about anything. Moreover, unlike masturbation, there are solid disadvantages: the risk of infection, spending money, encouraging ignoble employment among women, actual participation in crime, etc. And there is really nothing to talk about with prostitutes, tk. clever people are still ashamed and it fetters them in conversation, but with fools what to talk about? Although it is possible to talk about something with fools at first, and then it is not interesting - unlike smart ones, all fools are similar to each other.

Free relationships and sex
Free relationships and sex
I go. To different, depending on the availability of free money. Price per body! = Quality. I go for the fact that this is just my fetish - to fuck someone for money.

I fuck like ordinary heifers, it's just that there are more opportunities and nothing bothers her or me, you can do whatever you want, where you want and as much as you want without thinking what the chick will think of you. And in general, this is no more cool, it does not harm the normal relationship with a permanent partner.

Spmros: I was once on a business trip in Samara. Days for 10. On the first day, I took off a whore, fed, watered, fizzy, fucked, paid. Then every day she came and fucked for free. Something she was imbued with to me. I liked it. Master of his craft. Then we even called up several times when I arrived home.

Foreplay before sex
Foreplay before sex
I don’t go to prostitutes, it’s not interesting somehow, sex for me is a personal intimate thing and somehow it’s impossible to do it with unfamiliar girls. However, I used the service and I do not exclude that I will have to use it more than once, albeit super rarely.

Technique: ordinary sex, without much effort and emotion on both sides. I would, to be honest, just sleep as it was already 3-4 o'clock in the morning, but the girl insisted. She probably thought that if there was no sekas, then I would not give money either, but I could not explain to the tangerine beauty - the language barrier.

1980nsk0404: On Fridays with friends, if we drink at a friend's apartment, without going to some high-class establishment, they will definitely order. I don't understand this fetish. for me it’s easier to remove a chick in a bar and a club, now there are no problems, it’s cheaper and more convenient.

swine_fluffy: Yes, now every prostitute. If not money takes, then something else. Relationships are barter.

Fluidkost: Five years as not, and does not pull somehow, probably growing up. And in the past, they often rented with friends and at the dacha for a couple of days. Or the sauna at midnight. Or to the House of Journalists in Leningrad. He himself never took pictures, they were always taken by a company for debauchery, but strictly the same number as us, each chose for himself, then they could change. There were also permanent, free ones, they came to us for pure fun. And so that alone to go and take pictures - this was not the case.

Dirty sex experiments that girls unexpectedly liked
Dirty sex experiments that girls unexpectedly liked
I have a good individual friend. She says that men love her because she pretends to be an ordinary aunt who gets turned on by the fact that she is paid for sex.

Monkeyfree: Three years ago I was in Thailand - Thai girls are the best - young, warm, cheerful, sincere, humane, like ordinary girls. Oh, I poked fun with them - they are like chickens / pigeons - you crumble them for 20 rubles / baht - they flock, on each knee on a chick, felt their ass / boobs, giggled all evening, periodically adding some money - how they rejoice at such a trifle. I went around all the nightclubs in Pattaya. But he disdained to fuck. Pattaya is the best place to have fun with girls. If I had a lot of bablos, I would have dragged a whole harem with me, checked them all with a doctor and indulged in serious debauchery.

Monkeyfree: There are a lot of free women around, with whom it is much more interesting - relationships, emotions, affection make sex much more interesting and you can do anything with your woman, while with a prostitute you can drain only excess sperm - neither kiss nor lick her - what kind of sex is this?

spagetty_day: By the way, I always wanted to try to shoot a man, for fun. I even found one handsome man on the site, but the need has disappeared so far because a young man has appeared. But for show, somehow it will be necessary later, or in old age, if I remain an old maid. They say they all take Viagra.

How to get a girl to undress?
How to get a girl to undress?
The laziest animals go to prostitutes. It seems easier for them to work with cunt. Although in Moscow many female students are forced, because there are no places in the hostel, they have to take pictures. They go to the masseuses, they are thrown off by three of them - four to a one-room apartment. You won't earn much on jerking off, they recruit clientele (with whom it is not dumb) and at home already in full growth. It's easier than jumping for the ruble in the Euroset. I have one, probably three years already. I apply from time to time. Almost love, almost friends. A student (graduated), she is smart in life and is not "rubbish" at all. Has jumped off the assembly line, has 10-20 post of clients, it is enough for her.

crazy_grey_bird: I went and asked my husband. He says that it is not interesting precisely because of their excessive experience and professionalism. Although I tried it, of course. One thought did not come. Always keep company with friends.

I asked what makes my friends take them off. Not sex itself or the absence of a partner, but just a set of stereotypes: bath, booze, whores, for example.

Push. Well, right, he is not interested in whores. He is more to hit some kind of blunt student or saleswoman there. A car, a gorgeous zhrachka and an apartment specially equipped for this business. So that she was crazy about everything and surrendered in a fit of delight. As much money as for an average whore. But it feels much cooler!

ivshishman: The buzz is only in expensive ones. Who have perfect bodies, full, firm thighs and firm asses that look after themselves and smell expensive, have silky skin, and don't cost less than $ 300.

The buzz is only in expensive prostitutes. Who have perfect bodies, full, firm hips and firm asses
The buzz is only in expensive prostitutes. Who have perfect bodies, full, firm hips and firm asses

Radistradist: The reason for adultery must be sought in your own bed. Don’t give it up in the ass, don’t satisfy your husband’s fantasies? The husband will go to a prostitute or find a girlfriend on the side. The same is true for the reverse. Well, do you satisfy the lady? Are you afraid of her fantasies? Prepare a place for the horns.

Where not to have sex: 25 unfortunate places to have sex
Where not to have sex: 25 unfortunate places to have sex
And now it would simply be a shame to cheat on someone whom I value and love.

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